Redefining Normal

  Bill shared some thoughts on the show yesterday. I thought they were so good that I asked him to be part of my “Co” this week, and write them down for us! I’ve said for a few weeks now, I don’t think God wants us to go back to “normal.” I’m for sure asking … Continue Reading

Ring a Ding Ding

We just got a Ring Doorbell a week or so ago. My family could not care less about the doorbell, but I was all about it. I downloaded the app to my phone, and it notifies you when there is movement or someone at your front door. They know I am getting these notifications, so … Continue Reading

FASTer Way to Fat Loss

Hey Friends! Many of you have heard that my mantra for this year is 20 in 20. This means I want to lose 20 pounds before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st! If you are new to our show or this blog, this may be news to you, but for any of you who … Continue Reading