Hi y’all!

It’s my FAVORITE time of the year again! HOW are we in Holiday season already?

One of the things I look forward to most about the holidays is setting a table for my family. I love getting creative with some of the classic pieces I have, and adding in some new touches every year. This year, I finally sound some black chargers I’ve been eyeing for awhile that I absolutely love! They’re the staple of this years table. I grabbed some amazing neutral plaid napkins that tie in the black.

When the chargers we’re delivered, Abbey and I had a good laugh at the gigantic box they arrived in. We seriously thought they may have sent us their entire dining set! Once we unboxed them all, we thought it would be fun to set the table early and show you all our process of setting our Thanksgiving table. It’s become a tradition for the girls and I to get it all ready on the Wednesday night before. We brew some coffee, turn on some Christmas music (which I know can be controversial!) and get to work! We pretty much all have our lanes established, Abbey and I focus on the table while Haley makes custom name cards for our guest list each year.

We have everything you see in the video linked below! Plus I’ve added the tutorial Abbey used to create the folded napkins with the pocket.

We’d love to see how you set your table! DM me a picture on my instagram!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Product Links

-Plates: Here.

-White Table Cloth: Here.

-Table Runner: Here.

-Black Chargers: Here or Here (My Set from Pottery Barn).

-Gold silverware: Here or Here (Pottery Barn Fortessa Arezzo – My set)

-Plaid napkins: Here.

-Water Goblets: Here (Amazon) or Here (Crate & Barrel).

-Wheat: Here.

-Name Cards: Here.

-Candle Holders: Here (West Elm) or Here (World Market).

-Mini White Pumpkins: Here.

-Votives: Here or Here or Here.

Eucalyptus: Garland  or Long Branches  or Short Branches


Tutorial for folding dinner napkins:


  1. Carhartt Beanie – My girls introduced me to this beanie last year. It’s my fave!
  2. Nike Daybreak Sneakers – They’re throwback and so stinkin’ comfy!!! My new faves!! Have them in white and black.
  3. Panacea Beaded Earrings – My girlfriend, Amanda, had these on at the Super Bowl. I immediately ordered a pair! They’re my favorite Summer earrings. Black pictured below. White linked here!
  4. Ondo Socks – I’ve searched high and low for no-show socks THAT STAY UP. Alas, I have found them!! I’ve been wearing these for over a year now. They are the best!
  5. Target PJs – Love, love, love these. Have them in several colors. One heads up… they don’t last forever (hence, price point). but they’ll last you for a good year!
  6. Gorjana Coin Necklace – My favorite go-to necklace to dress up any T-shirt.
  7. Christmas Tree Shirt – who doesn’t love a good holiday tee? And V-neck for me, please.
  8. Spanx Leggings – Still love my Lulus. But I’ve slowly transitioned to these! They’re great for working out or just running around town.
  9. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in the color Nude Romance – I introduced many of you to Pillow Talk last year. This is a new fave. I go back and forth.
  10. DryBar Gift Card – My girlfriend Tammi bought me a gift certificate last year for Christmas. Oh my heavens! Nothing like treating yourself or the ones you love with a great blowout!

  1. Sweet Tea Candle – My sister-in-law gave me this earlier this year, and it’s my fave. I think it’s more of a Spring/Summer Candle. btw, Here’s a link to a local listener who sales them a bit cheaper:
  2. Silicone Mats – Was iffy on whether I would like these or not. I LOVE THEM. Use them every single time I roast veggies or cook anything in the oven now. The clean up is amazing!
  3. Bibol Salad Bowl – Bought this bowl at a boutique earlier this Summer, and I’m obsessed with it (is that what the young kids say now?). I use it for salads, veggies, and other things. It’s a bit pricey, but depending on your budget, you won’t be disappointed.
  4. Silk Pillow Case – I’ll be honest… I never got the silk pillow case thing. I thought my head would slip right off the pillow. Well, let’s just say I get it now! Never going back! Thank you, Cathy, for this perfect present for my 50th this past year. I’m a believer.
  5. Apple HomePod – No description needed! These HomePods are THE BEST! I have one in my kitchen. And one in my office. “Hey Siri, play The JOY FM!” Linked below!
  6. Glass Christmas Trees – In my opinion, THESE are the find of the year! Love, love, love these trees!! Don’t walk. RUN to Target. Hope you can find them, tho. They were close to selling out!
  7. Charcuterie Board – This really should’ve been on my Classics. You’ve heard me talk about charcuteries for about 5 years now. Every home needs one. My favorite is sold out but I’ve linked two more!
  8. Dolly Coffee Mug – Just further evidence my people know me! Jules got this for me for my birthday! I’ve officially changed the Jolene lyrics to caffeine, caffeine, caffeine in my head.
  9. Patriot Coffee – Hands down my new fave coffee. My girlfriend Tammi picked it up at the grocery in May when she was visiting. I’ve never looked back. Specifically the Peru La Florida bean.
  10. White Matte Vase – West Elm. It’s called the Short Stack and it’s currently on sale. I’ve used this vase all year long. I love fresh cut flowers. To me, they just instantly elevate and brighten a room. And yes, girl, I just do grocery store flowers.
  11. Christmas Tree Platter – Crate & Barrel. Every woman loves a holiday serving platter, but rarely gets one for herself. This is a great gift! Linked below!
  12. Code Names – We’re a game family. Welp, better said… a “certain game” family. Trivia Pursuit? Forget about it! Monopoly? No thank you! But, Code Names…hands down my favorite game! So fun!
  13. Christmas Tree Plates – Crate & Barrel. Your girl loves her some dishes. And I’m over the moon for these. As a matter of fact, these will be on my holiday table this year! Linked below!
  14. Christmas Tree Mugs – Crate & Barrel. A very minimalist design, and must makes me think about the mountains. As a matter of fact, I’m sipping out of it right now, as I’m typing this. Love these mugs! Linked below!