Forget-Me-Not Cranberry Sauce

When it comes to cranberry sauce there are two types of people in the world. Those that like it. And those that don’t. In my family, Pete & Abbey are in the “Yes, please” camp. And Haley & I are in the “No, thank you!” As a matter of fact, since I’ve never been a fan … Continue Reading

Rocket Fuel Coffee

Hi Friends! This past week, I mentioned I used MCT oil in my coffee. I typically use the oil, but since I was traveling I bought the MCT oil powder. Dave noticed me putting it in my coffee and teased me about it on air. I guess it does look pretty weird, if you don’t … Continue Reading

My Dad’s Chili Recipe

This recipe is my dad’s, but I learned it by watching my mom make it. My morning show partner, Bill, actually wrote it out for me several years ago, and we’ve been sharing it ever since! This recipe is a bit of a “sweeter” chili because of the pork n beans.  INGREDIENTS: 2 lbs ground … Continue Reading