My Dad’s Chili Recipe

This recipe is my dad’s, but I learned it by watching my mom make it. My morning show partner, Bill, actually wrote it out for me several years ago, and we’ve been sharing it ever since! This recipe is a bit of a “sweeter” chili because of the pork n beans.  INGREDIENTS: 2 lbs ground … Continue Reading

TigerNut Cookie Dough Bites

Have you ever heard of a TigerNut? Nope, me either. Not until my friend, Carolyn (who is a whiz in the kitchen!), sent me a picture of TigerNut Cookie Dough Bites that she’d made. Taunting me. I’d never heard of a TigerNut, but I sure wanted some! So I googled, “What is a TigerNut?” And … Continue Reading

Mexican Street Corn Nachos

Abbey was home from Tally last week for Spring Break. She brought home this recipe with her. I’d never heard of Mexican Street Corn. But, I can tell you I am now a fan! She was introduced to this recipe by her YoungLife leader, Alyssa, at FSU. {Thank you, Alyssa!} Y’all. THEY ARE SO GOOD! We … Continue Reading