Do What Lasts.

Happy New Year, friends! You kept us hopping during Carmen’s Favorite Things. We took a quick break for the holidays, and now we’re back at it. I love a new year! It’s a fresh start. A new beginning. A clean slate. A time to refocus. A time to recalibrate. I’m not big on resolutions. Of … Continue Reading

Championing Friends & Celebrating Wins

I was chatting with some friends the other day and sharing with them something I felt like God was leading me to in the future. The conversation quickly turned negative. I snapped and awkwardness ensued. I left the conversation feeling hurt but also feeling bad for the way I reacted. I called my sister on … Continue Reading

What I learned from Katrina.

What I learned during Katrina. Yes, I mean Katrina. Before Katrina, I was the girl who watched a natural disaster on television and then ran to my closet to see what I could donate. After that I’d look in my pantry, pull out the cans of beans that were left over from last year’s soup … Continue Reading