Read with me in March!

Hi Friends!  Welcome to March! What’d ya say we read a book together this month? This is essentially what Haley said to us at the beginning of February.  She sent us an email that read, “Let’s start a family book club this year. Let’s read a book together quarterly.  I’ve picked the first book, and … Continue Reading

10 Marriage Rules to Live By

We had a guest pastor, Joshua Mauney, at church on Sunday and goodness, did he knock it outta the park! You can see the full message below. It is 1000% worth the watch! Seriously. GO WATCH. And no, it’s not just for married people. There’s no better time to prepare for marriage than when you’re … Continue Reading


Hey, this is Haley! My mom and I were talking about thee season of life I’m in right now and she asked me if I would put my thoughts into a blog. I’m not usually one to pick a word for the year.(I did for 2020 though, and that will be a post of its … Continue Reading