10 Questions about CarCar | according to Haley

Name a few artists you’ll find on her playlist:
For King & Country, Brandon Heath, Dave Barnes, Christy Nockels.

Food she hates:
I don’t know if this counts but bubble gum! She HATES gum. She also hates bananas.

Food she loves:
Avocado, dark chocolate, pizza

Her favorite podcast:
Passion City Church (Louie Giglio) and The City Church (Judah Smith)

Favorite thing to do with you & your sister:
Shopping, Coffee, Pedis

What’s a quirk that she has that most people wouldn’t know about:
We love going for walks and when we do, she ALWAYS has to walk on the right side of whoever she’s walking with. Sometimes I try to take that side just to mess with her, but she only lets us get about 3 steps before we have to switch… which stinks because I do the same thing with everyone else. But with her I’m stuck on the left! Haha!

What does she like to do on her day off:
Open up the back door, watch college football, make chili, go for a walk and do laundry. This is the definition of her favorite way to spend a Saturday!

What’s her nickname for you: Haleybug

Name 3 things your mom has taught you:
How to love people wholeheartedly, how to live everyday life with a spirit of gratitude and how to host a killer party complete with a master level table setting.

What “thing” do you do that says, “Yep, I’m my mother!”:
Oh gosh. This happens like once a day. Especially when it comes to buying certain things or arranging things a certain way. The other day I was putting the dirty dishes from the sink into the dish washer at my parents house. I went to grab a Tervis (that my dad had obviously used that morning) and take the lid off. It was a red and black Bucs Tervis and had a GREEN lid. Literally all of our Tervis have matching lids and that green one was definitely purchased with a USF tumbler. I took a picture of it and sent it to my mom and wrote “this is giving me such anxiety right now.” That is totally a Carmen thing.

10 Questions about CarCar | according to Abbey

Favorite sports teams:
Alabama, the Bucs, and Florida State!

It’s her birthday, what kind of cake do you make/buy for her?
Wrights Deli White chocolate alpine lace. Always.

If your mom was stranded on an island, what 3 things would she miss the most (other than you & your sister?) Football, her spot on the back porch, and music.

Favorite thing to wear? Running shorts, a flowy tank, and a baseball hat.

Favorite thing to drink? Coffee.  Or water with lime. Sparkling if she’s feelin’ fancy.

What’s one thing that she tells you to STOP doing? Going to Walmart (or anywhere really) after dark.

Favorite holiday? Ah I feel like we just talked about this!! I want to say Thanksgiving… but it could be Easter. But probably thanksgiving because it’s in the fall. Actually maybe Mother’s Day, because she gets us all to herself the whole day. Okay, Mother’s Day. Final Answer.

What’s her nickname for you? Abbeyluhu! or Abba-dabba.

Name 3 things your mom has taught you? Never leave the house without wearing pearls and a little bit of lipstick/gloss. How to properly set a table. And the value of being intentional with people.

What “thing” do you do that says, “Yep, I’m my mother!” The other day I was out to eat with a few friends and asked if we could switch tables because it wasn’t “vibey” enough.TOTALLY. MY. MOM. She strongly dislikes “community seating” (i.e. one huge booth against a wall with multiple tables along it) and had definitely passed that sentiment down to me. She’d rather sit outside during a hot July day in Florida than sit within 5 feet of another table. We used to roll our eyes but now we’ve totally gotten on board … and take part in the high-maintence table selection. 

THIS IS HALEY | according to Carmen

She’s my oldest. And she’s my gold loving, make-up buying, calligraphy writing, grace giving, Jesus chasing girl. She’s the one we lean on when we need something to look cute! At holidays or birthdays, nobody likes to lay their packages next to Haley’s.  Everything she makes looks like it came right off the pages of Pinterest. Chalkboards are her specialty too! Haley graduated from the University of South Florida with a major in Mass Communications (so she loves green & gold too!) Haley’s also my reader. We can start a book at the same time, and she’ll be done in 48 hours, and I’ll be done 4 weeks later!  Haley’s more like her dad in that she’s a rule follower. I’ve always said “if the line is here, Haley is 10 steps back from it.” She loves YoungLife and she’s a leader in the Tampa area. Haley is one of the most compassionate people I know, and her heart is always so tender towards people. She’s a giver…

THIS IS ABBEY | according to Carmen

She’s my youngest. And she’s my stripe loving, makeup buying, cake baking, alter ego impersonating, Jesus chasing girl. She’s the one we lean on when we need something to taste good! Abbey loves being in the kitchen. She’s constantly trying new recipes! The mint green Kitchen Aid on my counter doesn’t belong to me; it belongs to her. She can whip up THE BEST batch of chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever had. They’re often requested by friends and family who have experienced them in prior visits. Abbey is a Junior at Florida State University. She’s a Garnet & Gold Guide and is employed by FSU Athletic Department. She hosts potential recruits to the football program. She’s also involved in YoungLife and is a leader in Tallahassee. Abbey looks more like her dad, but has more of my personality. She’s a free spirit, but at the same time is my traditionalist. Abbey is equal parts funny and compassionate. She’s a giver too…