New Mom Support Group Meets Here

I often tease that I don’t believe my girlfriend, Becca, has ever sinned. Seriously. Becca is THE SWEETEST woman you will ever meet. Early on in our friendship, I would get this question the most about Becca: “Is she really that sweet?” I would laugh, and say, “YES! She really is!” But, she’s so much … Continue Reading

No such thing as bad weather.

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” -John Ruskin I am sitting here thinking about 4 different things all at the same time. 1. Should I just cut my losses & pack up and go home? 2. Should I warm up that last piece of pizza? 3. Where … Continue Reading

Father’s Day Vlog

Happy Father’s Day weekend! I didn’t feel like blogging today, so I recorded this instead. It’s my 1st ever Vlog. And it was really weird! I’m used to talking to human faces, and not an iPhone. If you have a funny memory of your Dad, please share below!! PS: It’s was a “no-make up” Friday.