Two years ago, Abbey begged the family to take a trip to Chicago to go see Hamilton, and ever since then we have been total Hamil-Fans!! If you’ve not ever listened to the soundtrack, it’s a MUST!

So now we’re throwing a Hamilton watch party for the movie release on Disney+!

We ordered some cute decorations from Amazon and the girls have been putting together a Hamilton inspired menu. The details to our Hamilton watch party are below!


We made a quick e-vite on Canva!




A. Ham Sandwiches

-Aaron Burr-gers- However your family makes them best!

Guns & Chips (& so the balance Dips)

History Has its Fries on You

Mar-cheese de Lafayette (Charcuterie Board)

And Peggy-s in a Blanket


The World Turned Upside Down Pineapple Cake

Can’t Say No To These Apple Dumplings

and a healthier alternative, Paleo Apple Crisp



Gold Star Garland

Gold Tassel Garland

American Flag Banner – Carmen’s is no longer available from Pottery Barn, but here are some great options:

American Flag Pennant Banner

Burlap Stars Banner


Gold Plates:

Bougie – Black and Gold Plastic Plates

Budget – Gold Paper Plates


Gold Utensils:

Bougie – Gold Plasticware Large Set

Budget – Gold Plasticware Small Set



Bougie – Gold Polka Dot Napkins

Budget – Gold Star Napkins



Paper Straws

Gold Cups

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