Our Elevated Tik-Tok Pasta

Here’s our version of TikTok Pasta. We elevate it and use 3 cheeses! Also we double it so we have leftovers! (My Keto version: I use Shiritaki noodles) -4 pints of cherry tomaotes -3 cheeses (Feta, Goat, Boursin) -1/2 Cup of Olive oil -Fresh basil -Fresh garlic cloves (2-4, cut in half) -Pasta (we use … Continue Reading

We FRY-nally caved!

We have seen Air Fryers all over the internet and have contemplated for weeks if we needed to jump on the air frying trend. We couldn’t decide how often we would really use it to make the investment, but after a couple of our friends got one and have all raved about it, we made … Continue Reading

Our Hamilton Watch Party

Two years ago, Abbey begged the family to take a trip to Chicago to go see Hamilton, and ever since then we have been total Hamil-Fans!! If you’ve not ever listened to the soundtrack, it’s a MUST! So now we’re throwing a Hamilton watch party for the movie release on Disney+! We ordered some cute … Continue Reading