Hey Y’all,

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! It’s going to be a bit of a different Thanksgiving for us this year. It’ll be just the five of us. I normally host lots of family, but you can barely make your way though the front door right now. We’ve been doing some home renovations since August. We thought we’d be done in September, but here we are. My house is a wreck! Seriously. We’re walking on concrete. There’s no flooring, stuff is everywhere. I literally have ottomans turned upside down on my dining room table. And my dining room table is pushed up against a wall.

So… this year, I will be setting the table outside on the back lanai (patio for those that don’t live in Florida). The weather looks like it’s going to be perfect, and I am grateful!

A few notes:

  1. As I always say… setting a table says “This occasion is special.” “I put thought into this day.”
  2. Setting a table is NOT as hard as it may look.
  3. I always buy things that I can use again and again!
  4. A charger is a MUST for any holiday or special event table. Chargers automatically and instantly elevate the table. I got mine at World Market several years ago and use them all the time.
  5. I love a white plate. It’s classic, clean and goes with anything.

And lastly.. Admittedly, this isn’t my best place setting….and VERY obviously the table isn’t fully set (because I can’t get to my table!) but… come back for a a more luxe look at Christmas!

Since I’m so late with this, I did everything on Amazon for quick delivery!

-Chargers: I got my at World Market. You could get some at Hobby Lobby, Target or Wal Mart.
Here’s an Amazon option Here.

-Plates: Here.

-Gold silverware: Here.

-Black napkins: Here.

-Water Goblets. Here.

-Wheat: Here.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!



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