We had a guest pastor, Joshua Mauney, at church on Sunday and goodness, did he knock it outta the park! You can see the full message below. It is 1000% worth the watch! Seriously. GO WATCH. And no, it’s not just for married people. There’s no better time to prepare for marriage than when you’re single. Haley & Abbey loved it as much as Pete and I did.

The big idea: Fight for what matters in a way that matters!

You’ll see in the message, but essentially he & his wife have “10 Rules” they live by in their marriage. They actually printed them out and have them hanging in their home!

The 10 Rules:

  1. We have 24 hours to deal with the fight. {Eph 4:26}
  2. Don’t use “always” and “never” in a fight.
  3. We will not say the thing to win the fight {Ask yourself, “Is the thing I’m about to say worth what I’ll give away?”}. {1 Peter 3:8-10}.
  4. We will never yell – or – say the cutting/sarcastic/condescending thing in a “whisper.” {Eph 4:29}
  5. We will never quit. Our marriage is a covenant, not a contract. {Mark 10:8-9}
  6. If we get in trouble, we get help.
  7. We will drink from our own well. This includes screens & shows. {Proverbs 5:15-19}
  8. We parent as a team. The husband & wife are a complete family. The children are a welcomed addition.
  9. We will fight for radical generosity {which starts by living below your means}.
  10. We will use our marriage to serve Jesus.

We commit to loving, serving, submitting, accepting, and forgiving JUST AS Jesus did.

Here’s the full sermon:


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