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Many of you have heard that my mantra for this year is 20 in 20. This means I want to lose 20 pounds before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st!

If you are new to our show or this blog, this may be news to you, but for any of you who have listened for more than 5 minutes, you’ve heard me talk about my lifelong struggle with weight.

It’s true. I have always battled with the scale. Even as a middle schooler, I was the tallest and chunkiest. I’ve always been super self-conscious about my weight. ALWAYS. And then I had two babies. After the first, I just wanted to get back into my bathing suit. After the second, I just wanted to get back into my jeans. If I’d had a third, it would’ve been, “I just want to get back into my moo-moo!” I kid. I kid. Sorta! But here’s the thing, y’all… I have the muffin-top, the bra fat, the thighs that rub together. All that lovely stuff.

Now, I know many of you are screaming at me through this screen right now – I get it! BUT, before you {lovingly} send me notes that tell me God loves me just the way I am, and that body image positivity is healthier, etc etc…. please hear me say, “I know. I know!” I really do. I promise. And also hear me say that I have been in such a better place mentally since 2016. This was the year, I absolutely turned a corner, and no longer saw food as the enemy. This was the year that I accepted my body, and said, “I am more than this number on a scale.”

BUT, ALL THIS SAID. I still struggle, and I’m still not where I want to be. And I want 2020 to be my breakthrough year.

A little background. I have done pretty much every diet known to man. I’ll list a few.

1. Jenny Craig
2. Weight Watchers
3. Keto
4. Atkins
5. Grapefruit
6. Cabbage Soup
7. South Beach
8. HCG shots
9. Fen-phen. {This is the one I am least proud of, but will also note it’s the one I lost the most weight on after my 2nd baby}
10. Whole30 {though they will tell you this is not a diet}.

And a hundred others! ‘Member the “1/2 cup cottage cheese with pears” diet back in the 80’s? Yep, did that one too.

The point is I’ve done them all. And with each shiny new program came the excitement of “OK, this may really be the one that will work for me this time.” And the reality is, a few did. For a hot minute. But none have been life-long, lifestyle sustaining.

In 2016, I jumped on the Whole30 train. And I can honestly say it was doing a Whole60 {yes, I did 60 days} that started the change in my relationship towards food. Something in my brain shifted. I finally realized it wasn’t about “calories in/calories out” or about restricting calories, or eating like a bird. It was about whole food nutrition and eating to fuel my body and to FEEL good. I can honestly say I never felt better, slept better, or had more energy. And energy is a big thing for me because I’m severely anemic {as in have to get iron infusions every several years}.

In 2018, I was still eating semi-Whole30ish; I’ve never gone back to how I ate pre-Whole30, but the scale never budged. I had a listener send me a book about Intermittent Fasting, and I slowly started incorporating that into my eating style. Since Fall of 2018, I have eaten 80% whole food nutrition coupled with Intermittent Fasting. And while I have maintained like a rock star, I have not lost one single solitary pound.

At this point, many would say, “welp, Carmen, this must be your body’s preferred weight.” And this may be true, but I’m not ready to accept that just yet. I believe I am 20 pounds heavier than I need to be given my frame and height.

This is where Amanda Tress comes in. I was introduced to her program, FASTer Way to Fat Loss last July by my girlfriend Jodi in Nashville. Fast-forward to August, and I was sitting on the beach, frustrated with another year coming and going and I was still stuck at 168 pounds. OH GIRL YES, I JUST DID. I just told y’all how much I weigh! Yep, I’ve lost my ever-loving mind. But, I’m ready to cross the victory line once and for all, and this is something I’ve been thinking about doing and sharing for a while. So there it is. In hopes that it will hold me accountable. And one more note about the weight… it is true that women do come in all different shapes and sizes. And what one woman’s actual weight is, is the goal weight for another.  I get how this may hit some of my sisters too. We each have to decide the number that is right for us. After talking with my doctor, the 140’s is my ideal weight based on my frame.

But back to Amanda. I’ve been following her since late last Summer. I signed up for an “August round” and learned the building blocks of what she has created. I talked about what I was doing on the air, and it turns out she was a listener!! We ended up meeting in December, and after meeting her,  I 1000% believe she has the key to unlocking all my failed attempts. I believe she can coach me to the BREAKTHROUGH that I’ve desperately wanted my whole life! She’ll do this by combining lots of what I’ve learned over the last 4 years, coupled with her strategies of whole food nutrition, carb cycling, proper exercise, and many, many other things. She has created a program focusing on holistic health but personalized to each person. For the first time in a long, long time, Amanda has made me believe I can really do this. So, I am 100% committing to the FASTer Way for 2020. I’m all in.

And one last thing, if any of what I have said resonates with you, maybe this could be your answer too! If so, go take a look at the “JOY FM” 6-week round that we’re beginning on Monday, February 10th. We’ll be doing this with our JOY family! We’ll have a private FB group where we can encourage each other, ask questions, and be personally coached by Amanda’s team at FASTer Way. All the info is right here!

And here’s even better news: Amanda has given us a special promo code!! You’ll get $50 off when you use the promo code: JOYFM.

Amanda was my guest on my OFF-AIR podcast last week. Find 30 minutes, and listen when you can!

To listen, click on one of the icons below, Apple, Google Play, Spotify or Stitcher, or listen online at thejoyfm.com





Camen so proud of you! Was listening this morning about how you weren’tsure about listing your weight. Now you own it girl. This will absolutely be the best step in reaching your goal weight in this journey. Daily prayer and asking the Lord to help you with this journey is also one of the best things I ever did.. YOU GOT THIS!!!!


My name is Kathy Palmer and I have been on a weight-loss journey since I became single almost 3 years ago. I have listen to you and you have been such an inspirational person in my life through my weight loss journey. Last year in October 2018 I became very serious about my weight loss weighing in at 207 pounds that was my biggest weight that I was when I was pregnant and here I am at my biggest weight not being pregnant with no excuses. So I decided to jump on this health kick and listening to you on the radio really Helped me realize it’s something that I can do and that I was not alone in this struggle I mean of course there’s a lot of us women that’s in the struggle. So I became to pray to find what would be the best easiest way to lose weight. I decided that I would try the keto diet and I believe that you were also doing a no carb no sugar type of diet. By the end of 2018, it took me three months and I lost 52 pounds by the grace of God! (I have an iwatch that help me keep on track with my exercise. This journey it has helped me with my self-confidence and really able to see the beauty in me that God sees in me. It is not really about weight but to be healthy I am 47 and wanted a difference in my life to ensure that I am able to be here to do what God’s will is for me to do in my life. Through the past year I have had struggles in my life, my best friend and big sister,Monique, ended up having two major heart attacks which really made me evaluate my life. Both of my parents died in their 50s and here it was right around the corner for both my sister and I. So I asked God to give me the strength and the encouragement to continue on my weight loss journey. Through this journey I have been able to encourage so many people in my life I started a keto beginners group on Facebook and I also coach a couple of women on the side with any questions that they have about losing weight and being healthy. I feel God is my inspiration of wanting to help people meet their weight loss because our bodies really are gods bodies and what we put into it is what comes out of it. I have 20 pounds to go To get to my goal weight. But I know, by the grace of God, that I am able to accomplish whatever I put my mind to as long as God is the one that I seek first through all of it. I just want to thank you for being such an encouragement. And I hope that we can lose our 20 pounds together! May God bless you on your journey as well!


Thank you for sharing your heart. We serve a good God who has perfect timing. You inspire me with your story and empowered me to change my health. Thanks Carmen!


Carmen, I love you!!!! You inspire me to do so many different things. You rock it and it is great you posted your weight. I too struggle with weight. After the birth of my son, 19 years ago, I can’t lose weight. I lose a little and gain it and more back! I am 209 pounds as of today and struggling. I am on WW, tried noom, did fen fen (had a heart attack), tried the cabbage diet, exercised until I was going to drop every day and I lose 20 pounds and that is it!!! I get discouraged and go back to eating junk, which I gain all that I lost and then some. My doctor says my ideal weight is 95-110 pounds. I am carrying a whole other person on me. I am debating to try this journey with you but I am nervous. I do not have people in my life who encourage me to lose weight. My husband buys junk and says “I’m not on a diet, don’t eat it” however, I have no self control. If it is in the house…..I will eat it!!!! That is my dilemma!!!! Thank you all for what you do. You are such a blessing!!!!


Carmen I was listening this morning and thinks it’s awesome how open your being about this topic. I also struggle with my weight and just rejoined WW (formerly Weight Watchers) for the 5th time. I am successful with it until I lose the mindset of why I am doing it then I fall back into bad habits.. I’m determined to learn from past mistakes and stick to it this time. I wish you all the success.

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