1.  Yeti Cup (white, 30oz)

I never leave home without this cup! If Linus has his blanket; I have my Yeti!

2. Steel Straws

I got these for my Yeti. We use them all the time now. And yes, environmentally-friendly!

3. The Rabbit Listened

One of my best friends sent this book to me earlier this year. She’d gotten it as part of Dolly Parton’s book program when she had her baby daughter. As she was reading it, she told me that it reminded her of me and our friendship. It’s one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received, and what a cool idea to send a children’s book (with a big girl message) to our best girlfriends!

And… of course, it’s definitely a fantastic children’s book for that sweet baby on your list!

4. Ninja Air Fryer

Buy the Small

Buy the Large

No explanation needed. Simply, every kitchen MUST have one of these. They’re on sale for a great price right now! This is the only way I roast my veggies now. Love. Love. LOVE!

5. Pill Organizer

Or here for Pink and Black!

Haley bought this for me in February when we started seeing our Functional Medicine Dr. I re-load my supplements every weekend, and this stays in my purse 24/7.

6. AirPod Pros

Can’t say enough. Love. Love. LOVE! Worth every penny.

7. Crate + Barrel white cup

Or here for a set of 8!

I love a good mug, and these simple white basics are my FAVE. Abbey is moving out in February, and she’s already asked for them for a housewarming present. We both love ’em so much!

8.  Spanx faux leather leggings

Buy from Spanx

Buy from Nordstrom

Here’s a budget-friendly Amazon Dupe!

Love these leggings. They are my “go-to” when I want to elevate my yoga pants look. Wear these with an oversized sweater or shirt, with a pair of footies, cute sneakers, and you’re good to go. So comfy!

9. Christmas light charger

I gave these out to the staff last year, and it’s just a fun little “holiday happy” that is functional too! They were a HIT!

10. Table Runner

You know I love to set a table. Found this runner at Target and love it!

11. Beautiful boards

Charcuterie boards are all the rage, and this book is full of ideas! This makes a great girlfriend, co-worker, or sister-in-law gift. It even has different holiday ideas.

12.  Camo Joggers

I live in these joggers. I bought a medium. So they run true to size. Maybe a tad big.

13.  Queenin Sweatshirt

I saw Tabitha Brown wearing this sweatshirt on Insta, and had to have it!  It’s sold out right now, but I have a few to give away. Stay tuned!

14. “Raised on Dolly” hat

If you’ve listened to the show anytime at all, you are well aware of my love for Dolly! I found these hats last year, and wear mine ALL THE TIME! If you love Dolly, you need this hat!


We have seen Air Fryers all over the internet and have contemplated for weeks if we needed to jump on the air frying trend. We couldn’t decide how often we would really use it to make the investment, but after a couple of our friends got one and have all raved about it, we made the purchase just in time for the Fourth of July weekend!

And we have NOT STOPPED frying everything ALL WEEK!!!

We did an inaugural batch of buffalo cauliflower flowed up by some sweet potato fries on the 4th, and we’ve been trying some listener recommendations this week!

I’ve officially cleared off space where one of our coffee machines lived on the counter for a permanent home for our air fryer so I’m confident its here to stay!

This is the one I purchased:

and this is the smaller one Haley purchased:

Here are a couple of the recipes that we have loved this week!

Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower Bites (we skipped the almond flour)

Air Fried Bacon

Sweet Potato Fries

Brussels Sprouts

Avocado Fries

I think Abbey’s going to give Air Fryer Smores a go this weekend!

Two years ago, Abbey begged the family to take a trip to Chicago to go see Hamilton, and ever since then we have been total Hamil-Fans!! If you’ve not ever listened to the soundtrack, it’s a MUST!

So now we’re throwing a Hamilton watch party for the movie release on Disney+!

We ordered some cute decorations from Amazon and the girls have been putting together a Hamilton inspired menu. The details to our Hamilton watch party are below!


We made a quick e-vite on Canva!




A. Ham Sandwiches

-Aaron Burr-gers- However your family makes them best!

Guns & Chips (& so the balance Dips)

History Has its Fries on You

Mar-cheese de Lafayette (Charcuterie Board)

And Peggy-s in a Blanket


The World Turned Upside Down Pineapple Cake

Can’t Say No To These Apple Dumplings

and a healthier alternative, Paleo Apple Crisp



Gold Star Garland

Gold Tassel Garland

American Flag Banner – Carmen’s is no longer available from Pottery Barn, but here are some great options:

American Flag Pennant Banner

Burlap Stars Banner


Gold Plates:

Bougie – Black and Gold Plastic Plates

Budget – Gold Paper Plates


Gold Utensils:

Bougie – Gold Plasticware Large Set

Budget – Gold Plasticware Small Set



Bougie – Gold Polka Dot Napkins

Budget – Gold Star Napkins



Paper Straws

Gold Cups