Hey Y’all!!

I’m doing an abbreviated “Carmen’s Favorite Things” this year, mainly because if you’ve been with me all year, you know my ONE FAVORITE thing for 2022 is my Stanley!! (Hence the “12 Days of Stanley” starting December 1.)

Here are some of my FAVES below. Just to highlight a few…I love my Travel Makeup Mirror. I got these for the girls last year too. It’s so nice for travel, especially in hotel rooms when several of you are getting ready at the same time!!

I also love my new digital frame. And here’s the coolest thing about this frame…it has a specific email address that you can set up, and you can email pictures to the frame! Perfect for Grandma or long distance relatives or friends. You email the pic, and it pops up on their frame!!

Now to the kitchen. I’ve had this pan for a few years! And now they have a smaller one. Hands down, my fave!!

Regarding my closet, I’ve been an ASICS girl forever. But I tried Hokas this Fall, and I’m a new convert. Love. Love. Love! And the Alo socks are my new fave. I’m weird about socks, and I love these!

Also…I’ve been a Lululemon girl forever!! And I always wondered why they didn’t make short Lulu’s. I was SO HAPPY when biker shorts came back in. These are my fave.

My fave yogas are actually from Spanx. These are the “Booty Boost,” and they are for sure my fave!

And last…this past summer I bought these sunglass readers from Peepers. Let’s just say it was a game changer for reading on the beach!! Especially for those of us that don’t have prescription sunglasses!

If you have any questions about anything specific below, ask me in the comment section, and I will try to answer!



Travel Makeup Mirror

DASH Waffle Maker

Skylight Wifi Frame

God is My Hiding Place Devotional

Travel Organizer

AirPod Pros

Always Pan Mini

Stanley Cup

Christmas Tree Plates

White Coffee Mugs



Shower Cap

Target Stars Above Pajamas

Cross Necklace

Spanx Booty Boost


Alo Socks

Reader Sunglasses

Lululemon Bike Shorts




I love this! Thank you very much for sharing! I have 4 adult daughters and these give me some great ideas for them!

Be Beautifully Blessed!

~Sharon Campbell


Carmen, I have a funny story for you regarding your favorite things list each year. First of all, it is so helpful to my husband because he asks when your list is coming out and bases my Christmas off of those things because he knows how much I love all the things you love. Well last year the Christmas light charger had made the list for a few years at that point, but I never really understood what they were and never really bothered looking it up. Well last year I mention to him that I still didn’t understand this Christmas light charger thing, but it must be good because it makes the list each year. I proceed to explain to my husband how neat it would be to plug our Christmas lights in and charge them and that was a brilliant idea. He gives me the strangest look and proceeds to pull the lights up, now that I’ve piqued his interest. All of a sudden, he is dying laughing and tells me that those are not rechargeable Christmas lights but actually a phone charger that looks like Christmas lights. We are both dying laughing but I felt like I couldn’t possibly be the only person on the planet who thought that, so I began asking people what they thought it was. Well 100% of the people knew exactly what they were leaving me looking very silly as you can imagine. I literally envisioned how I thought the whole rechargeable Christmas light charger would work and, in my mind, it was a brilliant idea. Well just before Christmas I get a gift from my husband, and it was the charger of course. I use it all year long at my desk at work.

I figured this would make your day and I will start researching your latest list and get that right over to my husband. LOL!!!!!!!


Thank you so much for this list. It gives me great ideas for many people. My daughter is obsessed with travel mugs and her obsession is drawing me in as well. We usually buy Ello or Bubba mugs. I’ll have yto check into Stanley.
I’ve been wanting the devotional book by Corey so it’s going on my wish list.
I had a massive heart attack almost three years ago. I was not expected to wake up, but God had other plans for me. I woke up and had open heart surgery. I had emotional issues for more than a year afterwards. I was referred to a counselor. Long story short. I listened to Joy FM exclusively and talked to my heavenly father daily and asked for his help instead. I’m emotionally stable thanks to my heavenly father. He rescued me for a reason. Maybe it’s to tell my story, I don’t know but I know he healed me and will guide me in my journey to do what he wants me to do.
Thank you guys for being there. You played a role in my healing. I can’t describe how many tears of healing I shed listening to the music here.

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