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Why Beautycounter?

Most folks know me as “Carmen with The JOY FM.” And this is certainly my primary focus and #1 passion! I’ve been sharing mornings and life with so many of you for over a dozen years now! (20 years in the Tampa Bay area!) I have ZERO plans of leaving my seat until God makes it abundantly clear that He’s ready for me to pass on the mic to the next woman He calls to chair.

That said, I do have many interests outside of my “day” job. I also love makeup, skincare, and other girlie stuff too! I have a love/hate relationship with fitness. And you could probably add eating healthy to the love/hate relationship, as well. However, after Whole30, I feel like I’m finally winning the war on eating things that actually make me FEEL BETTER. Sweets aren’t as much of a temptation these days. Miracles do still happen, my friends! replicas de relojes rolex replica

And all of this leads me to Beautycounter…


My Squad