Happy Val/Gal/Pal-entines/Lent Day!

Happy Valentines/Galentines/Palentines – essentially whatever you’re celebrating tomorrow – Day! I’m hosting my bible study tomorrow night, so us girls have decided to eat dark chocolate, learn about Daniel, and be each other’s Valentines! Totally works for me! Tomorrow is also the 1st day of Lent. I didn’t grow up in the Catholic Church – … Continue Reading

Do What Lasts.

Happy New Year, friends! You kept us hopping during Carmen’s Favorite Things. We took a quick break for the holidays, and now we’re back at it. I love a new year! It’s a fresh start. A new beginning. A clean slate. A time to refocus. A time to recalibrate. I’m not big on resolutions. Of … Continue Reading

Championing Friends & Celebrating Wins

I was chatting with some friends the other day and sharing with them something I felt like God was leading me to in the future. The conversation quickly turned negative. I snapped and awkwardness ensued. I left the conversation feeling hurt but also feeling bad for the way I reacted. I called my sister on … Continue Reading