Carmen’s Faves 2020

1.  Yeti Cup (white, 30oz) I never leave home without this cup! If Linus has his blanket; I have my Yeti! 2. Steel Straws I got these for my Yeti. We use them all the time now. And yes, environmentally-friendly! 3. The Rabbit Listened One of my best friends sent this book to me earlier … Continue Reading

We FRY-nally caved!

We have seen Air Fryers all over the internet and have contemplated for weeks if we needed to jump on the air frying trend. We couldn’t decide how often we would really use it to make the investment, but after a couple of our friends got one and have all raved about it, we made … Continue Reading

Tammi’s Favorite Things

And finally, here’s my girlfriend, Tammi’s favorite things from 2019! She has the best taste and would highly recommend any of these as a last minute gift idea! 1. Wristlet 2. Southern Firefly Candle– The best scent is “Nashville.” 3. Wreath 4. “Brave” Bracelet 5. Peppermint Bark 6. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings 7. Apron from … Continue Reading