“Holly Jolly” Christmas Table!

Hey Y’all! Here’s the post I told you about last week on the show! We did two different looks. I’m posting one today and one tomorrow. This is our “Holly Jolly” Christmas Table. See pics and video below. If you’ve listened to the show any time at all, you know I love setting a table. … Continue Reading

Carmen’s Faves 2020 – Beauty

1.  Revlon blow dryer Game. Changer. Don’t know any other way to say it. Use every single time I wash my hair! Made a believer out of Haley & Abbey too. 2.  Living Proof dry volume blast Also game changer. For girlfriends with fine hair like me, this is your new best friend! 3.  Brazilian … Continue Reading

Carmen’s Faves 2020

1.  Yeti Cup (white, 30oz) I never leave home without this cup! If Linus has his blanket; I have my Yeti! 2. Steel Straws I got these for my Yeti. We use them all the time now. And yes, environmentally-friendly! 3. The Rabbit Listened One of my best friends sent this book to me earlier … Continue Reading