Hey Y’all! Here’s the post I told you about last week on the show! We did two different looks. I’m posting one today and one tomorrow. This is our “Holly Jolly” Christmas Table. See pics and video below.

If you’ve listened to the show any time at all, you know I love setting a table. Like, absolutely LOVE!! It’s one of my greatest JOYS. I love life around the table, and I think when you intentionally choose a few days of the year to set a gorgeous table, invite your family and friends to eat, drink, and be merry… welp, that’s where the best conversations and memories happen!

A beautiful table says:

“Let’s stay here a while.”
“You matter!”
“Today is special.”

Keep in mind, I’ve spent years acquiring different things for my tables, and I have a whole closet (ok, closets!) full of chargers, napkins, glasses, flatware, and the like. BUT, don’t let this overwhelm you! Anybody can set a beautiful table, AND you can do it on a dime!

If I were starting today, here’s where I’d begin:

1. I’d invest in chargers. Nothing will elevate your table faster than a charger.
2. I’d buy some cloth napkins from Amazon. You can get these cheap, cheap. We use paper towels and napkins every other day of the year. Remember, we’re going not just for a look, but for a feeling too.
3. I’d add a table runner. It brings the whole look of your table together, and it’s just beautiful. Target and Amazon have GREAT runners.

Lastly, make sure you have lots of votives. Again, you can get these anywhere! And they cost next to nothing. You can either do 3 groupings of threes (just make sure it’s an odd number) or place them strategically down the runner.

White Table Cloth:

Buy Budget here!


Gold Chargers:

Buy Budget here!

Buy In Between here! Or here!

Buy Bougie here!


Name Cards:

Hester & Cook Gold Foil Frame (The ones we used!)

Hester & Cook Gold Foil Confetti

Gold Glitter Tent Cards

Gold Dots

Winter White

Rustic Kraft


Target Silver Tray 



Whatever catches your eye! We love Homegoods, Pottery Barn, Michaels, and Target!



Set of 9

Set of 3

White Plates:

Buy Budget here!

Buy In Between here!

Or here!


White Napkins:

Budget set of 12!


Gold Flatware:

Buy Budget here!


Pottery Barn Fortessa Arezzo (My set)

Potter Barn Dakota set

Crate and Barrel


In Between



Table Runner:


In Between




I love the idea the crazy thing is I do have fine china and set a table for our church Christmas coffee every year for the last 3 years I bought the china off of someone on Facebook market place I think for The Whole set I spent $50-$75. but never did I think to do this for my on home. Because I live in an apartment but I think I will try this year. 😊💕 thank you For sharing your beautiful table you inspire me.


I am in desperate need of Christmas cheer! This runner would make my year !


Just beautiful! I love everything that you do!! And I love what you said about sitting together at the table for a meal makes a holiday extra special, that is so true!


Such a beautiful table! Blessings this holiday season to you & your family 🥰


Hi Carmen. I totally love your table settings. I have tried doing it on the cheap and found gold table chargers at the dollar tree. I actually am also been assigned the party organizer at my work. I would really love this table runner. You have great style. I have to agree the winterland is my fav too. Have a Merry Christmas.


I thank God Heat and every day for the morning Cruz and Joy FM for making a difference in my life each and every day I love the winter wonderland tablescape it’s absolutely gorgeous so peaceful so Sareen come bless you all Merry Christmas


I absolutely LOVE your style, and really enjoy seeing your posts like this. I am decorating challenged and would LOVE to WOW my family for a change! Thank you for all you do to bring all of us JOY! Merry Christmas!


Carmen you are amazing all year giving us ideas & truly helping other businesses that I may never have ever known about. Merry Christmas to you all at the Joy FM!


Love ALL these ideas and thinking how I can make this happen for our family Christmas Brunch!

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