Abbey was home from Tally last week for Spring Break. She brought home this recipe with her. I’d never heard of Mexican Street Corn. But, I can tell you I am now a fan!

She was introduced to this recipe by her YoungLife leader, Alyssa, at FSU. {Thank you, Alyssa!}

Y’all. THEY ARE SO GOOD! We had ’em TWICE while Abbey was home. 48 hours apart. True story.

Try ’em!

-Any nacho/corn type chips. We used Tostitos Whole Grain Scoops. {b/c they’re healthy}
-8 oz. Monterrey Jack block cheese. {Don’t buy shredded, but you’ll need to shred it to melt right. If you buy pre-shredded, it won’t melt correctly}.
-1/4 c cream
-2 t corn starch
-1 15 oz. whole kernel corn {we bought yellow/white corn mix}
-1 15 oz. black beans {drained. We used about 3/4 of the can}
-2 T mayonnaise
-Feta cheese {to taste}
-Cayenne pepper {to taste}
-2 T olive oil
-Sour cream
-Lime {sliced in wedges}
-Avocados {cubed}

Optional: cubed, grilled chicken. {You can shred a rotisserie chicken as a short-cut}


1. Roast Corn. Heat olive oil until smoking. Drain can or corn and pour it over the oil. Roast for about 5-10 minutes until corn starts to turn brown, stirring occasionally. You’ll hear it start to pop when its ready. Take off heat, mix in mayo, and set to the side.

2. Make Cheese Sauce. Shred Monterrey Jack. In a double boiler, (smaller pot sitting in larger pot with 1 inch of water on the bottom) add cheese, cream, and corn starch. Stir occasionally until cheese is completely melted.

3. Assemble Nachos. Turn oven on to broil. Pour chips onto a clean sheet pan, add chicken, if preferred. Drizzle cheese sauce even over the chips. Add corn and beans. Cook for about 5 minutes until the edges of the chips start to brown. Watch closely. And make sure your oven is on Broil, and not Bake.

4. Add toppings. Sprinkle feta, cayenne pepper, and lime juice to taste. Cut avocados up and have sour cream in bowls on the side for people to add as they choose!

Hint: the squeezed lime is TOTALLY the ingredient that pulls it all together! We sliced up extras and squeezed over the nachos on our plates.



Yum…Yum!! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


Thank you!!


In a rush? A bag of fire roasted corn is available in the frozen foods section, because lazy people have to eat too! 😀 A variation of this has been a staple for our New Year’s Eve family time of snack foods, using a sprinkle of Tajin seasoning, a blend of lime, chili and salt in granulated form that we found at Kroger in the salad seasonings section. I will definitely be making this version, great point about the block cheese vs. shredded! I found out about this from the Pioneer Woman in her pimiento cheese recipe.

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