If I gain a “quarantine 15,” I’m blaming Tammi! When an authentic Italian gives you an easy pasta recipe, you have no choice but to make it! It’s essentially a “lasagna hack” by using the ravioli, and only takes 20 minutes to prep!

· 1/2 small onion diced
· 2 cloves garlic minced
· 1 pound of ground beef or ground sausage or make it vegetarian and skip the meat!
· 24 ounces marinara
· 1/2 cup chopped parsley
· 1/2 cup Pecorino or Parmesan cheese
· 25 ounces frozen cheese ravioli (you can use fresh too)
· 2 cups shredded mozzarella

Step 1
in a large sauté pan or sauce pot on medium heat, drizzle 2-3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Step 2
Sauté onions and once onions are tender, add garlic. Once fragrant (about 1 minute) add your meat.
Step 3
Once meat is cooked, add your sauce, a pinch or two of Pecorino or Parmesan cheese and simmer on low for 5-10 minutes.
Step 4
In a greased baking dish, add a layer of sauce, ravioli, cheese and repeat until dish is full. Sprinkle with parsley and Pecorino/Parmesan cheese.
Step 5
Spray foil with cooking spray and cover baking dish. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Remove foil and bake until golden brown.


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