And, here’s Abbey’s!

1. Madewell Wallet: This is the BEST wallet I have every owned. It’s so cute and classic, and also stays super thin, which I love because I mostly carry a smaller, crossbody purse, so it doesn’t take up too much space, yet is big enough to keep my bills flat, hold all of my cards, and has a zippered coin slot. I love everything Madewell makes, but this is for sure at the top of the list.

2. Milani Baked Blush: I honestly cannot believe this blush is on my list of favorite things this year. I bought “Rosa Romantica” last year at Target around the holidays because it was on sale for 2 bucks, and I wanted a slightly shimmery, light pink blush. I’ve always heard great things about Milani’s baked blush so I grabbed this shade for fun, but definitely did not expect it to become a regular part of my makeup routine. I have worn this blush almost every day of 2019. My old blush from MAC has now been retired because this one is SO good. The color is the perfect pop of pink to give me some color, without looking too overdone and clownish. It goes on sheer which is my favorite part because its impossible to overdo it. The shimmer is just enough to give you a glow without needing to wear highlighter as well if that’s not your thing or for days you want a more natural look. I also love “Berry Amore”, and have heard great things about the shade “Luminoso.”

3. Adidas Sneakers: These are probably the most comfortable pair of sneakers I’ve ever had. I got the gold ones on Black Friday last year, but I want a black pair now too. Absolutely worth every penny!

4. Makeup Mirror: In college, I lived in a room with super yellow toned lights, so every time I did my makeup, it was hard to tell if I was overdoing anything or if my foundation truly matched my skin tone, so I did some research and found one of the highest rated, yet affordable make-up mirrors on Amazon and I’ve used it everyday since. I also love that I can put it on at my desk and do my makeup sitting down. I find that I take my time and actually enjoy the process of getting ready more.

5. Madewell Medium Hoops: I have super sensitive ears and can’t stand wearing earrings that are too heavy and feel like they’re pulling on my ears a lot, but these Madewell hoops are perfect! Lightweight enough that I can wear them for an entire evening without feeling like I need to take them out. Super high quality especially for the price.

6. Kristen Ess Blowdry Spray: Pretty much everything in the Kristen Ess line is my favorite thing, but this one takes the cake. I hate blowdrying my hair, but love the way it looks when I do it, and this cuts the time and makes my hair look and feel like I got a salon blowout. I couple this with a heat protector spray because I put heat on my hair a couple of times a week.

7. Dainty Cross Necklace: I’m really not that great with accessories… either knowing what’s in style or how to accessorize an outfit so I usually stick with classic things that I know go with everything and rarely have to take off. I’ve been wearing a dainty cross necklace around my neck since senior year of high school and it has always been one of the things I get compliments on the most.

8. Settlers of Catan: Oh my word, its hilarious that this game is on my favorites list. When I first heard of Catan from some of my guy friends in college, I thought it was the LAMEST sounding thing. Eventually they convinced some of the girls to start playing and it became my FAVORITE. My roommates and I got a board of our own and would play all the time. It takes 1 or 2 times of playing to fully get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll be addicted. It’s so much fun.

9. Target Booties: I call these the perfect Floridian boots. I have the open-toed, Free People version in brown, but wanted another pair in black. I was so excited when I saw Target had a version of their own that look almost identical and I honestly wear these even more than my original, more expensive ones.

10. Electric Kettle: This is SO not a necessary kitchen gadget, but the extra, coffee lover in me LOVES it. If you like making your own teas and speciality coffee at home, you’ll love having one of theses kettles to get more precise temperatures for your brew water, and it heats up within 2-3 minutes.

11. ABLE Denim Jacket: This is the absolute best denim jacket on the market. You’ll never be able to convince me otherwise. So comfy, so high quality, and the perfect amount of distressed.

12. Aeropress: Another unnecessary coffee gadget. But this one is super affordable and has quickly become my new favorite way to drink coffee. The idea behind the Aeropress is that it’s a quick alternative to create a smoother, less acidic, cup of coffee. This is the first alternative method of brewing coffee that I can taste a big difference in, and it’s easy enough for anyone to do at home. This explains some of the pros of the Aeropress in more detail. 

13. Yeti Rambler: While we’re on the subject of coffee, I was gifted this smaller sized Yeti cup a few years ago and have been so shocked at how much I’ve used it! Its a great size if you’re not an aggressive coffee drinker, or if on the weekends you’ve already had a cup before you’ve left the house, and want just one more to go. All of Yeti’s cups are fantastic and keep my coffee hot (or ice water cold) forever!

14. Moleskin Journals: Moleskins are a bit pricier for a notebook, but I’m willing to invest a bit more in things I use everyday and want to keep forever. They’re perfect for note taking and journaling, and you can get a two pack of them at Target!

15. Sunglasses: I bought these on a trip, when I had forgot to pack my other sunglasses in my bag, however these have quickly become my favorites. They look way boujee-er than they’re priced. I love having a high quality pair of sunglasses most of the time, but its nice to have a more inexpensive pair that I love, because 1. You can keep up with the trends without having to spend tons of money and 2. You’re less concerned about them getting messed up when going to places like the beach.

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