This truly is the most wonderful time of the year! We just wrapped up 12 Days of Carmen’s Faves. I’ve already heard from so many of you, saying it helped with some Christmas gift ideas. Yay!! We really covered the gamut this year. We had Prayer Journals to Bible Studies to Sunglasses to Dresses to Table Runners. And we had Promo Codes! {and still have for a few things! See below for the ones still available to you!} Woohoo!

Carmen's Favorite Things Collage

Diff Eyewear – CARMEN25 (Good through December 21) 

JaneHudson – CARMEN20 (Good through December 31) 

Val Marie Paper – CARMEN10 (Good through December 31)


While there is absolutely nothing in the world wrong with gift-giving (gifts are actually my love language), it can be easy to get caught up in the pageantry of Christmas. But just a few days ago, we had to pause Carmen’s Faves because one of my dear friend’s mom passed away. I was at her bedside when my girlfriend’s mom took her last breath. And at that precise moment, Christmas arrived in that room. We were all reminded of why Jesus came to us…. He came to truly bring JOY to the WORLD. So, this Christmas season, enjoy your family, give the ones you love some sweet gifts, but take time to pause and truly celebrate the very best gift of all… JESUS. He’s my favorite FAVE!

{I’ve edited & reverse ordered my favorite things so you don’t have to scroll for days!}


12. We’re finally at Day 12 and Momma is delegating! So it’s Haley filling in for her today!

Mom was introduced to Fran’s a few years ago by Natalie Grant. It was love at first bite! Yep, she immediately fell in love, and has caused all of us in her proximity to fall in love too! Specifically, it’s the Grey & Smoked Sea Salt Caramels. Oh. My. Goodness. Y’all. They are incredible. They are sweet and salty and absolutely perfect. Melt in your mouth, addictive perfect!

There are several size options to choose from; including the wedding favor size mom mentioned, or you can send the larger gift boxes to your loved ones. These also make for a nice hostess gift or a little something for that couple that has everything. Of course, you can always just buy a box for yourself, and have them sitting out when the family comes over.

We’ve actually sent them as a Christmas gift to some of our vendors/friends of the station the last few years. And one thing in particular that I like is that you can send to multiple people in one order, even if each have a different address, and you can add a personalized message to it! Want to take a guess on who has been the one doing the sending? ☺


I’m giving away three pairs of Fran’s Salted Caramel boxes today! Comment below with someone you would like to gift a box to, and if you’re chosen, we’ll send you one as well! I’ll pick a winner today at NOON!


11. My girlfriend, Siebe, introduced me to this amazing paper company in Nashville. It’s called Hester & Cook. They have amazing things!

Gold and cream runner on Brandon & Siebe’s table when we did the show from their kitchen table!

I love the table runners. Seriously LOVE! I’m such a sucker for a pretty table! I love everything about a table! I love to set a table. For ALL occasions. And for ALL holidays! I think it’s just one of those simple pleasures in life. Plus, I love the time spent around a table! To me, there’s not too many things in life that is better than gathering with family and friends, over a home-cooked meal around the dinner table, or bar, or counter, whatever may be the case. So many meaningful conversations happen there. And belly laughs too! I think a pretty table is the icing on the cake!

Gold and cream striped table runner with the wedding favor sized Fran’s caramels for my bible study!

With these runners, you can make any Sunday dinner with the family feel extra special, simply by pulling out the roll, and cutting a piece off. Just the other night for our last bible study of the year, I cut a strip of the gold & cream striped runner, and set it out on my counter just to add a little holiday sparkle to the presentation. Of course, ultimately it’s just about being together, but I truly do love the art (and love) of entertaining.  Down-home Southern entertaining, not high falutin’.

Shop Hester & Cook Table Runners HERE!

We are giving away a couple rolls TOMORROW (12/16) on Instagram. Head to @themorningcruise, follow us and comment on the post TOMORROW (12/16) to win!


10. This has become my favorite prayer journal. It’s a 6 month journal from Val Marie Paper; it’s thin, and it’s easy to write in. And it’s broken down in these segments:

  • World.
  • Nation & Leaders.
  • My Loves.
  • My Family.
  • Sweet Friends.
  • Those Hurts.
  • Personal.
  • Answered Prayers.
  • Scriptures.
  • Quotes.
  • And some other blanks to personalize.

So many times I get distracted when I’m trying to pray. This has been a simple tool I’ve used the last several years to organize my thoughts. It helps me keep notes of who I’m praying for and what I’m praying about. But the thing I’ve loved MOST about these journals is that I can go back and see how God has answered so many prayers. As a matter of fact, there has been something I have been diligently praying about for a few YEARS, and God has answered our prayers. Just in the last few months!!! AND, crazy enough – is cementing it this very day! My eyes are welling up with tears as I type this. Oh, how I can’t wait to share with you about it in the coming weeks…..

Maybe using a prayer journal like this could be a new way to kick off 2018!

Val was so sweet and offered us a discount code for everything on her website {except the yearly journals}. Use “CARMEN10” for 10% off your whole purchase!

Lastly, today (12/14) is the last day to order to guarantee Christmas delivery!

You can order HERE.


Dillion Tank Dress

9. A few years ago I went to the Tampa Junior League’s Holiday Market at the Fairgrounds. It was packed with all sorts of fun things. But, the booth I loved the most was Jane Hudson! The stripes are what grabbed my attention. And then I felt the material. Um, hello! YES! I’m probably not describing it right, but it’s a cottony-spandex. Meaning, it’s soft but it holds its shape. I bought the Dillon Tank Dress in black … because a black & white striped dress is a staple in every woman’s closet. And the cut was very flattering for those of us that don’t have the flattest of tummies. I wore that dress at least once a week for about 4 months. Spring came, and I ordered the light blue striped. And then later that year for July 4th, I ordered the red. So, yes, it is true…I have this dress in 3 colors. The only one I’m missing is the navy!

The great thing about the Dillon Tank (or any of Jane Hudson’s dresses) is that you can pair it with literally ANYTHING! I have worn it by itself with a big necklace on a long chain (when it’s blazing hot outside!) and I’ve worn it with a denim shirt or a denim jacket. I’ve worn it with booties. And I’ve worn it with sandals. Their pieces are so versatile, and so COMFORTABLE. I could not love this dress more! It’s hands down MY VERY FAVORITE!!! Also, it’s currently on sale! My second favorite dress is the Jennings Swing Dress! You won’t be disappointed, I promise you. Abbey has the Zoe Maxi Dress. It looks amazing on her.

Jennings Swing Dress

And just for reference, I wear a medium.

Coincidentally Kristin, creator & designer of Jane Hudson, is a graduate for the University of Florida, and has ties to our listening area. AND, she’s been generous enough to give us a discount code! Between now and the end of the year, you can use “CARMEN20” for 20% off your entire purchase!

Shop Jane Hudson HERE!

I’m giving 2 dresses away today at NOON (December 13). Comment below to win! You pick the dress!


8. Hi I’m Carmen. And I’m a coffee snob. First it started with 1 cup a day (back in my college days). Then, I quickly increased to two. But, doing morning for the last 20+ years, I have at least 3, sometimes 4 cups per morning. My preferred brew is French Press. And I love my morning coffee black. In the last few years, I’ve added an afternoon “fix.” I like it iced with a splash of creamer. I have a straight up emotional relationship with coffee! Every time I step into Starbizzle, it just feels like a mini-vacation. (yes, I’m weird!)

Three Christmases ago, we were at a family friends house, and Hope served this amazing coffee with our desserts. I was flipping out over it!  I’m not much of a flavored coffee girl, but this was incredible!! I finally asked her what it was. She told me “Fresh Market’s Christmas Blend.” I sent Pete out the next day to buy us some. Since it was December 26, it was half price and he came with 3 pounds each of regular & decaf. We enjoyed that coffee well into the new year!

Now one of my new traditions is to run past Fresh Market in early November, and buy their Christmas Blend. All during Sharathon, I brewed a French Press pot for me, Haley & Jayar. I love this coffee! I think it’s the vanilla combined with the clove. It’s just so so good! And of course, you have to have cute mugs to serve it in.

To purchase:

-The Fresh Market Christmas Blend – you can only purchase these in store. Click HERE to find a store near you! $11/1 lb. bag

-Buffalo Check Mugs from Pottery Barn – HERE! They’re currently on sale for a set of 4 for $25!

-Bodum French Press – HERE! $28 on Amazon!


7. I am SO EXCITED about today’s FAVE!! I’ve fallen head over heels in love with DIFF Eyewear. If you know me, you know I love me some sunglasses.  And I love all different styles & colors. Gold Aviators & Tortoise frames with blue lenses or gold gradient are my favorite FAVES. {Wow. That was really specific!}

I learned about DIFF earlier this year. And here’s what I love about DIFF. They are the “Toms” of Eyewear. And when I say Toms, you know what I mean by that, right? When you buy a pair of Toms, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. DIFF is the same! Every time you purchase a pair of sunglasses, you are purchasing a pair of eyeglasses for someone in need. You BUY one. They GIVE one. You can read about it HERE.

At first I was skeptical about the quality of DIFF. I didn’t expect them to be on the same level as Maui Jim’s, Ray Bans, Oakley or other well known brands. I bought my first pair over the summer (some Pink Aviators with gold frame) and I was 100% impressed with the quality. So much so, that I ordered the Bellas (tortoise, blue frame, polarized) and I’ve not worn another pair since!

Much like ABLE, I love when companies combine quality with philanthropy. To me, this is a winning combination!  DIFF offers the same designer style brands for a fraction of the cost!

And here’s what I’m most tickled about! DIFF has given us a promo code! Use “CARMEN25” for 25% off between NOW and Thursday, December 21st!

{Fine print: Promo code not available on celebrity collaborations}.

Shop HERE!

Register by commenting below for my favorite pairs of Diffs. I’m giving away:

-2 Bella {Tortoise with gold frames)

-2 Bella {Tortoise with blue frames} Seen in pic!

CarCar would not steer you wrong. You will seriously love DIFF! And together, we really can make a difference.

6. Today’s FAVE is for the girl that loves her jammies. And I am SO THAT girl! Getting up at 4:45 every morning means I’m pretty much ready to get comfy at 8 o’clock every night, with lights out at 9. I love these sleep shirts! I just bought this red one, and have the blue & gray striped one too!

I got them at Nordy’s and they’re on sale right now! They are $38 each or two for $60. And Nordstrom always has free shipping – no minimum purchase required! You can get one for you, and one for a friend.

Shop for them HERE!

5. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really carried a lunchbox before. I mean, I did in elementary school. As a matter of fact, my very 1st lunchbox was a Holly Hobbie. Do you remember her?! But, as an adult, I’ve just not been a lunchbox kinda girl.  I mostly grabbed lunch out. Or just didn’t eat.

But then, Whole30 happened. Two years ago. And I started cooking. And bringing my “brunch” {lunch at 10:30 when you do a morning show} to work. Because, of course, my lunch had to be “compliant” … Whole30’ers will know this term well.

And every girl needs a cute lunchbox, right? So, I went to the Vera Bradley Outlet store, and got me a really cute one. And then I bought my daughter, Haley one. And then my niece, Paulina. And I’m sure Abbey snagged one in there somewhere too. And now we’re all pretty much a card-carrying, Vera Bradley, lunch box totin’ family! And it’s one of my favorite things!

Shop for Vera Bradley lunch boxes HERE!

Or you can go to the Vera Bradley Outlet and get about 40% off these prices.

4. My girls & I love ABLE!! I’ve actually had a long-standing relationship with ABLE (formerly Fashionable). I can remember when their only offering was hand-woven scarves! The scarves were one of my favorite things years ago, and I was giddy when they reached out to me and told me how many of our listeners ordered that year.

The thing you need to know about ABLE is that they are a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by working with women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances. They manufacture directly in the communities they wish to impact, both locally and globally. ABLE has come a long way since scarves! They now have amazing leather goods, jewelry and much more. I love their bags! I’ve carried an ABLE leather bag for my laptop the last 5+ years. My favorite is the Alem Utility Bag. This year, they introduced the METALLICS. And who doesn’t love them some metallic?! As a matter of fact, I have several of the pieces give away!!

But, that’s not all!! Can we just take a minute and talk about the new Chelsie necklace? I ordered this necklace about two weeks ago, and have probably worn it 10 out of the last 14 days. I love this necklace! It goes with everything! It truly is my favorite necklace right now! I also love Chelsie’s story. You can read about it HERE. Being the daughter of an alcoholic who wasn’t able to beat this disease, I am cheering so hard for Chelsie. I actually say a little prayer for her every time I slip her design over my head.

I love the whole idea of helping someone else with every purchase that I make, and that’s exactly what you’re doing when you shop your Christmas list at ABLE. And finally – for TODAY ONLY (December 5) – Use: CARMEN20 – and get 20% off your purchase! Fine print: It can’t be combined with other codes, but it does work on markdowns! Good on orders of $50 or more. Yay!

I can’t say enough about this company. I know them personally and love them very much!

3. It’s THYME to get on the THYMES Frasier Fir Christmas Candle Train! For reals…

Come to my house (or the studio!) the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas, and there is a 100% chance this candle will be burning! As a matter of fact, this year, you could’ve stopped by my house, office or studio, and this candle would’ve been burning BEFORE Thanksgiving. This is hands-down my favorite Christmas candle. I have the 3 wick. I have the green glass one. I have the white tin, tree branch one . I have the smaller silver tin one. And I have the votive. I think that about covers it.

This truly is the best smelling Christmas candle on the market. Especially if you’re like me and not into the froo-froo smelling candles. Give me the woodsy ones all day, er’day.

Oh, and a HUGE thank you to Hope for introducing me to my most beloved Christmas candle 3 years ago! She deserves all the credit.

Here’s a link to the whole collection on Thymes website!

I get my 3-wick HERE!

2. She Reads Truth! I first saw Ellie Holcomb post about She Reads Truth a few years ago, and then I noticed that my oldest, Haley, was getting these bible studies “auto-shipped.” My bible study breaks for the Summer, so this past July I decided to order a SRT bible study for myself. I ordered “The Life of David.” I’ve done in-depth bible studies on David before, so I was interested in participating in this one. The thing that was different about this study, as opposed to others I’d done, is that it wasn’t as “guided” as I had been accustomed to. But, what I loved about it is that it had me in a significant amount of scripture each day, and then gave me a whole page to journal anything I wanted. Some days I asked God about a verse I had just read. Other days, I simply wrote a prayer. Yet others, it was more of a journal entry. The studies are definitely bible study meets journal.

Bottom line, She Reads Truth is about women being in the Word of God every day! I want to be this woman! And the more we’re in the Word, the more we want (and need!) to be in the Word. When I start getting snippy, 9 times out of 10, I can trace it back to neglecting my quiet time with Jesus! I think these studies will be a great tool and treat for the women & (and men!) that you love most! They’re rich in content, they’re beautifully designed, and they’re also the best gift you can give yourself!

Individual studies are around $24 each, or you could set up an auto ship for around the same price monthly, and you’ll get every study for the entire year!! I’m doing this for 2018.

Check She Reads Truth HERE!

Merry Christmas!

I have been holding on to this cute thing since JUST AFTER Mother’s Day! If I had seen it before Mother’s Day, it would’ve made the list then. It’s been hard to not tell you about it, because you know me …. When I find something I like I love to tell you about it.

1st up: The Palma Cosmo Makeup Bag by Veeshee.

Day 1 of 12 Days of Carmen's Faves

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying… “What’s so special about a makeup bag, Carmen?” Welp, I’m glad you asked!! These makeup bags are CUSTOMIZABLE!!! You can pick the pattern & fabric that you want, on both the inside and outside. You can also have a name or monogram embroidered which makes it super personal! And they make the design process so fun! I had Haley design one (that we’ll be giving away on air) and the turn around time was less than a week! When it arrived, we were both impressed with the quality of the bag. So much so, that I immediately went on and designed 2 more!

And, one other really cool thing … you can use the discount code “CARMEN10” for 10% off!

These will be great for daughters, nieces, aunts, besties, and any other women in your life. They’re also really affordable at $35.

Check them out HERE!




These sound delicious! I love listening to your funny cheerful self in the morning. Laughed out loud at the “talking to the mirror ” story this morning! I would love to share these with my dear friend Debi, who I don’t see nearly enough. We could have a caramel eating party!


I would love a box for my precious mother. Her favorite candy is caramel she love them. She’s been battling breast cancer for almost 5 years and it is getting really bad this year with all the places the cancer has metastasized. She is going through her 3rd round of chemo and her second round of radiation. These would be really sweet for her.


My name is Veleka and I love all things Caramel! My Aunt, my Superhero Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor, adores salt and sweet! She would enjoy a treat like these.
Thanks for your generosity, and bringing Joy into the lives of so many lives!
Merry Christmas,


I’d like to nominate my dear friend, Jewell Ferraro. Jewell and I met 17 years ago. We were both first year teachers and we immediately hit it off. We were in each other’s weddings and now we each have three children. We no longer teach together, or even live near each other. Although we are now only about 1 hour apart, we feel states apart due to the craziness of our lives. Despite not having near as much time with Jewell as I would like, she is so dear to my heart. Another thing Jewell and I have in common is that we are absolutely in LOVE with Jesus and with anything Salted Caramel. We love sharing notes on the lastest salted caramel item that we have found.


Hey, Carmen! I would LOVE to bless my friend J.E. Pizarro with a box of these gorgeous salted caramels and here’s why: he takes care of many, many people very selflessly. He is a well off man, financially, and she is quick to help. His father‘s family lives in Puerto Rico and their homes were devastated. He flew down shortly after the storm and begin the construction and demolition of the storm damage on his families homes. He flew them all back to his family‘s house in the states, bought them all new clothing and devices and shoes and toys, got months worth of medicine for his family members who needed them and is soon heading back down to rebuild their homes. While he was there, he met the elderly woman who lives next-door to his family and she only had three water bottles a day to live on. I can show you the picture, he went to the store and bought that woman a pallet of cases of water, got all of her medicines for the next few months and hired her a personal nurse. This is only one example of the kinds of things this man’s heart lends itself to. You know how the one who cares for everyone really get scared for? That is this young man. I went to high school with him and I have known him to be generous all his life. Please let’s bless this man who is given of his money, time and effort to helping other people. Please forgive grammatical errors, I am using voice text because I’m driving for work.


I would live to have a box if these salted caramels sent to my Dear Friend Lisa Letson. Lisa is our Pastor’s wife and my best friend. The two of us just “click.” She has so much responsibilities at the church and is always kending a hand to someone somewhere yet never seeks attention or does things to get something in return. When we are tigether we just laugh and sing and share our thoughts and enjoy each other’s company. We are bith avid shellers and perfect “girl tine” is walking along our lical beach comparing our found treasures. Lisa doesn’t realize the gem she is to thise around her. She’s a true Blessing.


I would love to try the salted carmels! They sound very yummy. And my best friend loves carmels. A special treat for a very special fiend. Thank you very much!
Merry Christmas and God bless!


I would love to win a box of these caramels for my best friend Stephanie. She is a single mom of two who works long hours at the hospital and doesn’t always get to spend quality time at home and is always thinking of others. I know that she would love to get a special box of caramels to just make her day and give her something to smile about. Please consider my good friend who is always helping others.


I would love to send a box of the sea salt caramels to my little brother and his wife as they have opened up their hearts and home to my oldest daughter that started her first year of college this year. They live about 20 mins from her school and are always helping out to get her to the store or invite her over for dinner. She is going to school in Kansas and we just moved to Florida so having them help out has been amazing!


I would love to gift the box of Fran’s Salted Caramel’s to my daughter & her husband. They are still Newlyweds, and have gone through more trauma and heartache than any young couple should go through. My son in ‘love’ was diagnosed with a brain tumor, through surgery, Chemo, Moffat appointments in Tampa and more, their Faith in God has never stopped in fact is stronger. He is an online pastor for their church., so unselfish and giving. He was there when Irma came, loading delivering sandbags, helping others. These candies would bless them. Thank you! Joy


These look divine !! It would be such a treat to give these to a Priest at my son’s ALL BOY High School. He is from Europe . I know he would enjoy these with his tea (and some peace) over the Christmas break with the other Priests in the residence. Thank you Carmen for doing this!! Your faves are now my faves!!!!!! God Bless EVERYone and MERRY CHRISTmas !!!!!


I have been loving on an 84 yr old sister in CHRIST who is currently struggling with the inability to get the bare essentials required for a healthy life… .HOLY SPIRIT has aided me in providing her with…clothes…shoes…blankets and food… A gourmet box of salted caramels for such a sweet ole gal who suffers thru the loneliness of being a shut-in as well as poverty would be an extreme blessing as well as a reminder of how greatly loved she is by the CHAMPION of HEAVEN….. I
I have no e-mail…… If chosen…I inadvertently left a comment and pictures on your facebook morning cruise page. . thank you for the consideration


My name is Angela & I think my friend Elizabeth deserves a box of caramels. She lost her husband if 50+ years this past Sunday. Nothing comforts like the Savior but caramels May bring a smile to her face :)!


Would love to have a box of chocolates sent to my boss for some Christmas cheer! He lost his wife suddenly last year days before Christmas and this is a difficult time of year for sure. Would love to bless him with some yummy Christmas joy 🙂


I want to nominate my friend Joy Meinke for a box of salted carmels. I lost my mom around two years ago, my mom was my prayer warrior and she lifted me up when I was down. Joy was given to me from God to replace what I thought I lost from losing my mom. She is so sweet to all she knows and she is fierce in Gods word and in giving love. Joy now takes care of her elderly mom and I think it would be so nice to give her some sweetness to enjoy with her mom this holiday. Thank you Joyfm for all you do!!


Hey there. I would really like to send Fran’s chocolates to my wonderful Mentor, Friend and sister in Christ, Mrs. Bevalie Winters. She’s the epitome of the Church Mommy. Always there, you know, for everyone. Love her so much, and I’m sure she’d enjoy.
Me too!!! God Bless Y’All and Merry Christmas!


I nominate my father, Boyd, who is turning 90 on Feb. 1, 2018 for a box of Fran’s Salted Caramels. Your announcement immediately made me think of him; he has always loved candy and especially boxes of chocolates, with caramels being a favorite! In his younger days, he used to frequently gift boxed chocolates to others. He has lived alone since my mother passed years ago, and I think the candies would put a smile on his face, and hopefully help show him he is still much loved!


I would love you to share some of Fran’s delish Sea Salt Carmel’s with my co-worker Michele!! She keeps everything going in our office and doesn’t get the special thanks she truly deserves! She would be totally surprised!! Thanks so much!!
Merry Christmas!!
Lee Ann


Sea salt caramel ANYTHING is my fave! Would love to gift a box to my bestie who is one month away from her delivery for their first baby, Michele Humphrey.


Hi Carmen,
I would like to give a box to my Aunt Effie . She is 81 years young and has more energy than most people at age 40. Taking full time care of her adult (52) daughter that is disabled and in the late stages of RSD has taken it’s toll these past 5 years since her son-in-law passed of cancer at age 50. Besides daily care of her daughter, she sits twice weekly for her 2 great grandsons (ages 1 1/2 and 6 months) and also assists several elderly parishioners from the church by shopping for them, transporting them to doctors appointments and driving them to and from church. She plays the piano and keyboard during Sunday service and at choir rehearsal. A Registered Nurse for over 50 years, he one thing she misses from her life the most is the Christian Medical missions she went on twice a year to Ecuador. Needing to be here for her family, she went on her last mission 3 years ago and so badly wishes to return. Knowing that she will never return has been disheartening, but her faith in the Lord is strong and she goes where she feels he needs her the most. An amazing woman that I have the utmost respect, admiration and love for, I feel she deserves much more than I can give. To honor her with a small token (and very tasty one!) would be great.


I would share a box of chocolates with my mom Linda. She was in the hospital at Thanksgiving for a blood clot that went to her lung, and she is having a hard time bouncing back. I think some yummy chocolate might do the trick. (Praise God, mom has always been healthy. She told the doctor she had only been in the hospital 2 times almost 40 years ago and that was to have babies.).


I would love to send to my sister, Marsha. She’s had a difficult year with her husband having many serious health issues now her daughter is going through a bad divorce that involves her 3 grandchildren.


My name is Andrea & I would like to send this sweet treat to my sister in Christ and coworker Julissa. We share the same title and work for the same company but report to different Administrators. We are in the Primary care medical field. and we work for a great company and we are so very BLESSED!!!We are truly faced with so very many challenges in the day. Even though we do not speak everyday we are 200% there for each for what ever is needed. She is truly my sister in Christ and when I do need her she is there with a True Christian guidance which comes from the Holy Spirit. We both consistently listen to the Joy Fm and We LOVE LOVE LOVE it! May you please find it in your beautiful hearts to give my friend and co worker this as a gift. p.s. The Joy Fm is my music on hold for our office.
We love you all & Merry Christmas! Andrea


My sister Marsha who has had a difficult year


I would like to give my mother-in-law Sandy pre a box of sea salt caramels for Christmas.. She is so special to me…She’s always been such a blessing..I wouldn’t have the home I’m living in today if it wasn’t for he.r..P.S I didn’t mean to submit 2 comments… I don’t know if I sent the other comment to the wrong place. that’s why I’m sending this one in case I submitted the other comment to the wrong place….Thank you! God bless y’all! Merry Christmas!


I would like for you to send some of the salted chocolates by Fran to my mom, Carolyn Spradlen. She has always loved chocolate!!! And today, as I’m typing this, she is having surgery so to pre-cancerous cells on her voice box. (Praise the Lord it is just PRE-cancerous!!!). Anyway, I think this would be a great treat for her!!!

Thank you!!

PS…LOVE the Joy FM


I would love a box of sea salt caramels for my BFF Nikki. She is the definition of “random act of kindness”. She is there when anyone is needing something or just help, she will help them. She and her son want to participate in things in the the community with the youth. She created the “A Team” and asked all her friends and soccer teams that she is a part of to join in with them if they were interested. As expected,! she has a tremendous response! A facebook page has been created so everyone can participate in ongoing community events that she posts. She is truly a blessing in my life! She is always positive and upbeat. She deserves a special secret gift for all she does for her family, friends and the community.


LMy name is Donna and my neighbor/friend’s name is Sally. She is a blessing to me and many others. Sally is aways there for not only me, but for so many others in our communuty, giving selflessly of her time. She has been my support system through my various health issues and surgeries, taking me to doctor appts., grocery shopping, the bank, post office etc, etc., I may need to get to. I would love to be able to bless my dear friend Sally with a box of Fran’s Grey & Smoked Sea Salt Caramels.


I would love to send this gift of salted caramels to my sister Cindy Perry. We’ve had some difficult times these past few years and don’t get to see each other as often as I would like. I just want her to know I love her and I’m always here for her.


I would love to gift a box of chocolates to my sweet mother! She is always looking out for others and these would make a nice little treat for her. 😄


My friend Freda is the best friend anyone could have. She is one o our Sunday school teachers at our church she helps with the Wed warriors and she is the head of our Acts Of Kindness for our Church and when she isn’t busy with all of that she gives people rides to Drs appt or to the store and she is doing everything she can to make her grandsons graduation the best it can be! I really think she deserves a box of your favorite salted caramel so she can have a little time for herself. Thank you Freda for being such a great friend


I would love for my sister to receive a box of chocolates. She would so appreciate the kindness. She has been her husband’s caregiver for so many years now; she has a great heart, always putting others’ needs before hers. Thank you!


I would give one to my Pastors wife but she’s also my niece. Marsha Mercer because she’s always there for everybody.


I would love, love, love!!!!! for my kid’s youth pastor Derrick to receive a box of these salted caramels. He has been a servant to our church and kids for many years. This past year has been a rough one for me and my kids but he has been a support in many ways. In the last month while practicing for our church’s production of Eternity he shattered his ankle in three places. He was in the hospital for quite a while in a lot of pain before they could even do surgery. He is back to work now with limited mobility but is still serving the Lord, the church and his family. He recently mentioned on a post that he likes salted caramel. It would be a wonderful surprise for him! Thanks so much for all you do! Merry Christmas!


I would like to give a box to my son. He has transitioned from a job where he was on the road for weeks at a time to a steady job close to home and adapting to lower income and lifestyle changes. Though they are struggling, they don’t quit., even when coping with major life changes..


Would love to share these chocolates with my momma! Love this 12 days of giving and your giving spirit 😊


I would love to give this to my friend Chris Bishop. He is currently battling breast cancer. Even with all Chris is going through he still manages Southern Journey, a non-profit that rescues dogs from high kill shelters in Georgia and transports them to homes in the North.Through surgery, chemo, drug reactions and the normal holiday stress Chris has been able to keep up with all the demands of the non profit and continued to save a hundred dogs from kill shelters in the last two months.


I would love to introduce these to my wonderful mother! We love chocolate and sweets!
Merry Christmas! Love y’all!


My name is Donna and my neighbor/friend’s name is Sally. She is a blessing to me and many others. Sally is aways there for not only me, but for so many others in our communuty, giving selflessly of her time. She has been my support system through my various health issues and surgeries, taking me to doctor appts., grocery shopping, the bank, post office etc, etc., I may need to get to. I would love to be able to bless my dear friend Sally with a box of Fran’s Grey & Smoked Sea Salt Caramels.


I give them to my mom. For all the things she does for me (and putting up with me) she deserves them. Thanks mom for taking care of me when I was in the hospital. You deserve a lot of things for what you did.


These sound so delicious! I’d like to nominate my youngest son’s 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Mosall. She is wonderful teacher and we have been blessed to have her teach all three of our children – and they all loved her dearly! She is not only a positive and encouraging teacher, but the mother of 3 young boys under the age of 5! So yes, she is pretty much amazing and I could not help but think of her when we heard your show this AM while waiting in car line. 🙂


I would like to nominate my daughter for a box of the caramels. They look delicious!


I would LOVE to give a box of chocolates to my friend Teresa. She has just returned from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with her son Noah. Noah is 3 years old and was diagnosed with AML leukemia when he was 18 months old. Noah has undergone 2 stem cell transplants. Praise God the second one took and so far he has been cancer free! Teresa has dealt with so much hardship in her life yet she is always willing to help out a friend. She has worked tirelessly taking care of her brother who recently passed away due to severe cerebral palsy. Now she is diligent taking care of her son Noah. She has never asked for anything in return. I would love to be able to give her a box of chocolates to celebrate!


oh of course i’m 3 minutes late…i tried, pat johnston!


My daughter loves chocolate. She is expecting her sixth child. She and her husband are a true testament of a Christian marriage and family. I would love surprising her with these chocolates.


I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!! But I mean, who doesn’t? My friend is going through a very rough time and I think chocolate is just what she needs!


My best friend and I live so far away from each other. With school we hardly have time to see each other. It would be awesome for us both to share the same flavours and almost be sitting next to each other. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!


Good morning! I would love to share with my dear co-worker Vicky as she so deserves something sweet! Thank you Carmen and the entire Morning Crew for being there!! Merry Christmas!!


I would love to give the chocolates to my 82 yo mother. She loves chocolates, just as most ladies do! My 56yo brother that passed away ithe end of May this year, and he always gave her chocolates for Christmas. This would be in remembrance of him We also lost my 58yo sister in August of this year to cancer. She was a HUGE chocolate lover! So therefore, in memory of them both for my sweet mother💚


I don’t know if I’m too late to be a winner but I would love to get some chocolate sent to Leah Morton, my Mom’s caregiver. My Mother has Dementia and she helps my Dad care for her. She is a gem! I’d love to try them out too of course!

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