Most years I write an annual letter to our family and friends. I typically write the letter the week between Christmas and New Year and send it out with our New Year’s cards.  {Sidenote: if you struggle with the hustle of the holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas, send New Year’s cards. It was life-changing for me!} 

This past year was a transition year for two of us in my household. One of them was me. Abbey was the other. I shared how I was more reflective this past year, and had kept a running list in the note section on my phone of things I was learning, or being reminded of throughout the year. I shared that list in my letter. And then I shared it on air. And boy did it resonate. I’ve heard from so many of you! I promised I’d write it out for you, and here it is below. 

*BIG DISCLAIMER: I did not write all of this list. I read books. I sat in sermons. I attended leadership summits. I interviewed artists. Some I did write. But I certainly want to give credit where credit is due! 

Here’s what I learned {or was reminded of} in 2019: 

  • God’s timing is definitely not my timing. 
  • The right thing is often the hardest thing.
  • God is working, even in the waiting. 
  • Don’t trade now, for what you want most.
  • Every “yes” is a simultaneous “no” to something else. And vice versa. Choose your yes’s & no’s wisely. 
  • Any question that takes a year to answer, has answered itself. {Thank you, Ford Taylor. This one was hard to hear.}
  • Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear the path. {Saw this meme somewhere}
  • Man sees your actions. God sees your motives. {Shelley Giglio}
  • Extend the same grace that you yourself need.
  • Not hurting is not the same as healing. 
  • We really don’t have problems, we have PERSPECTIVE problems. {Aaron Burke, Radiant Church. I’ve literally said for years that “perspective is the secret sauce to life!}
  • Work FROM rest; not FOR rest. {Mike Donehey, 10th Avenue North}
  • Wisdom is choosing to do now what you’ll be happy with later on. {Nicky Gumbel, Bible-in-a-Year, quoting Joyce Meyer}. 
  • Everyone wants to be a beast, but nobody wants to do what the beast does. {Nick Saban. I applied this to my fitness goals}
  • Savor This! Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, and whatever you’re doing, SAVOR THIS. 

Alright, that’s my list. What did you learn in 2019? Please share with me. I love reading your notes!

Here’s our Christmas New Year’s picture from this past year. I don’t always send out a Christmas-y pic, but this year we did.



You are such an inspiration. I feel like God has given me so many treasures by leading me to ladies that are true inspiration and you my friend are one of the top ladies. Although I don’t know you personally, I feel a connection to you. God is doing amazing things through you and you are touching lives you don’t even know. A huge thank you to YOU and to our wonderful God! ♥️


Thank you👼


Love this!! Thank you!


Thank you for sharing your life with us! I enjoy the morning show so much and the conversations you 3 have. I wish you talked more and played music less. LOL It is such a JOY to hear real life on my way to work and while I am at work. I printed your list off and shared it with a co-worker who asked if she could keep it. She hung it up in her office. Keep being Carmen. Have a blessed 2020 to you, Dave, and Bill. What a team you three make!


I have been listening to the Morning Cruise for about two years on my drive to work. I live and work (high school teacher) in the west Atlanta area and the 15-20 minute drive is sooo much better because of the uplifting, inspirational message you, Bill and Dave provide each morning. Today, you re-shared your blog “What I learned… 2019” was spot on. I am struggling in various aspects of my life (especially spiritually) and have the prospect of a significant career change. Your (the Morning Cruise) has been a great source of calm for me and continually reminds me that our great and mighty God is in control and has HIS plan for me. I just wanted to say thank you!


Thank you all for doing what you do. You help me to keep my focus on God. What I learned in 2019 was that “God is in the details”. There were several things that occurred last year that only God could have orchestrated.

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