Hey y’all it’s Abbey!

If you haven’t heard, my mom launched her podcast this week! And it is SO GOOD. I’ve already listened twice. And I’m definitely not biased at all 😉

She sits down and has girl talk with one of my favorite people, Becca Wilson. Becca is preciousness personified and will have you laughing and crying all in one episode.

Warning from Car Car: “Becca & I do tell a story towards the end that never made it to the air. Let’s just say this incident took our friendship to the next level!! AND, that’s not all! Becca shares her most embarrassing moment! Sweet Becca…who you’d never see this happening to. It’s one of the best stories I’ver ever heard!!”

Check it out wherever you listen to podcasts! Click on one of the icons below, or listen online at thejoyfm.com




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