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I don’t know about you, but I need some “light-heartedness” for just a bit. It’s been SO heavy between hurricane stuff & political stuff. I need a good dose of nonsense, AND for the temperature to drop for about 20 degrees. Sadly, I think we’re outta luck with the temps, so let’s just stick to the nonsense, shall we?

I was going through some of my emails, trying to reply to as many of you as I could. And then it occurred to me that I could answer your questions here! Plus, I’ll add a few more.

A Few of My Favorite Fall Things

Hands down – no competition – the question I get asked the most is:

1. Carmen, what is your favorite Fall candles – or – what were the candles you mentioned on air the other day?

I have 3 favorite FALL candles! They are (in order):

a. Rewined Pinio Grigio. I love, love, love this candle. It’s soft and not over-powering. It makes me happy! You can get it HERE. I buy mine from Candle Delirium. Amazon also has them!


b. I sure love this one too. It’s a Voluspa’s Baltic Amber. It’s a little stronger than the Rewined, so I like burning this one at home. I have vaulted ceilings, so this one fills up the house a little more. I buy mine at Anthropologie. But, I also order from Candle Delirium too.

c. Dave introduced me to this one several years ago. It’s the Woodwick Fireside candle. When I’m watching college football on Saturday night, and want to pretend it’s cold and that I have a fireplace, I light this! It’s strong! It smells AND sounds like a fire. It’s amazing!


2. Carmen’s what color nail polish are you wearing on your fingers & toes?

On my nails: Malaga Wine. It’s OPI, and I love it for Fall! {btw, it looks more red in the pic than what it is}.

On my toes: My Private Jet. It’s a taupe-y gray with a slight shimmer. I would wear it year round if they’d let me, but my sweet girl who does my toes tells me “no, you have to wear summer colors for the beach, Carmen!”

3. What Lipstick are you wearing?

I wear several in the Fall:

My favorite lipgloss is Beautycounter’s Fig. The thing I love most about Beautycounter’s lipgloss is that it isn’t sticky like most! I normally wasn’t a lipgloss girl, but I laid down my Burt’s Beeswax last year, and I’ve looked to other things to keep my lips from being chapped. I wore Burt’s forever, but found that the more I used it, the more I needed it. Abbey convinced me to stop. It was HARD. But, now I wear Fig pretty much every day in September, October & November. Just FYI, I do rep BC, so you can click on the BC tab if you’re interested. Beautycounter is fairly new, and they use all safe ingredients. Fig isn’t as dark as it looks. It’s so pretty! And light! This isn’t a pitch. I just really love it! If you’re interested, you can order at www.beautycounter.com/carmenbrown.

I also love Mac’s Capricious & Velvet Teddy!

4. Carmen, what that protein stuff you put in your coffee every morning? 

It’s Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. You can get it here. My girlfriend, Carolyn, introduced me several years ago. It’s a great source of protein! I use it every day! I just recently bought the individual servings, so I could take it on the go with me, if I’m traveling etc. It’s unflavored, so you don’t taste it in your coffee. It’s oh-so-good for you!

5. THIS.

I’ve never been a fan of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes. And you know I love me some Starbizzle. But, they’re too sweet for me. However, Haley introduced me to this creamer. And I’ll admit, I’m pretty hooked. I like black coffee in the morning. But, later in the day, a little shot of this in my afternoon coffee is delightful! GET SOME! Oh, and it’s also Whole30 compliant!


6. “Morning Pumpkin” Mug! 


I love mugs! I have more than I’ll ever use. But, this one is just adorable, and perfect for Fall! You can get it here:

Ok, that’s enough for now. I am working on my official Favorite Things for this Christmas, and already have a good list going! Comment below and tell me some of your favorite things!



Where do you find the Nutpods creamer?


Thank you for sharing all these delightful treasures. I love all things fall! 🙂


FYI, Nutpods creamer is sold out on their website and backordered on Amazon. I wonder why……. 😉


Thank you Carmen for sharing your favorite fall things. You have impeccable taste. I look forward to your blogs. You are a blessing in my life.😊



Really interested in the Baltic amber candle. I actually wear the milk and honey colored Baltic amber. It is ugly, looks like rotted teeth or old pieces of corn!! LOL but it help my rheumatoid arthritis so much in my wrist. Wondering if the candle has any health benefits to it. I do live the her scent. Bath and Body works had a body wash called Amber Romance about ten years ago. I loved the scent of it. About a year ago they re-released it for a shirt time so I may have or nay not have bought ten bottles. LOL

Karen Fridge


Thanks for the candle love!


Carmen you recently mentioned that you had a favorite mascara that did not smudge at all….what is it??
Janice Streetman

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