Mother’s Day is this weekend! My morning show partner, Bill, brought some – how should we say it – “unique” gift ideas to the show last week. For example, a solar system necklace; ‘nough said there. So, I told Dave & Bill to give me a song or two, and I’d come up with a good list!

1. Beach bag & towel.
Every girl loves a new beach bag!! And we’re especially fond of a NICE beach towel too. A nice, thick one. Not thin. We don’t like thin. Vera Bradley has nice beach bags. I really like this one. It’s a water resistant material. Perfect for the beach or pool. And I love this new pattern!

Vera Bradley || Pattern: Cuban Tiles

2. Kendra Scott earrings. I’ve actually received 2 pairs of Kendra Scott studs in the last month, and I love them!!

• We had some friends in town for Easter. They did an “adult indoor Easter Egg Hunt” for us, complete with prizes! We had to search for the egg with our name on it. They gave me a pair of Tessa Stud Earrings in this color. I love them! It’s a great Spring/Summer color.

• My best friend, Kellie, got me the Kirstie Studs in Ivory Pearl for my birthday this year. They’re a great summer earring! And er’body knows I’m a “pearl girl.” Love. Love. Love!

• If your mom is more of a loop girl, these are nice too!

3. Milk Velvet Pearl bracelet. Speaking of pearls, Pete got me THIS pearl bracelet from MVP. Sarah is the owner, and she’s so so great! This is the one I have. I’m a simple, classic, strand of pearls girl, and rarely leave the house without having them on. You’ll love how Sarah packages them too!! Presentation is that added somethin’ somethin’ that just makes a mom feel really special. And loved!

4. S’well Bottle or the new Tervis Stainless Steel bottle. Abbey & I discovered S’well bottles a few years ago in Tally. Initially I had sticker shock! But, I was about to leave my girl at college for the 1st time, and I treated us to a little “boutique shopping” before I was to hit the road the next morning. I got the hot pink and Abbey got the periwinkle. Haley eventually stole my hot pink one, and I ordered a gold one from the glitter collection (of course!). I love my S’well bottle! I take it to OTF (Orangetheory Fitness) with me all the time! It keeps your water really, really cold. I’ve bought several for birthday gifts, and I always get great feedback. Evidently S’well (and Yetti and the stainless steel craze) has been encroaching on Tervis bottle game because they unveiled their new stainless steel line a few weeks ago. I replaced the hot pink one that Haley stole from me. I’ve not used it yet, but I can tell you – for sure – it’s super, super nice!

5. Sunglasses! Women LOVE new sunglasses. I hear many say, “I buy cheapos because I always lose them.” I used to do that too. But about 10 years ago when I got my 1st pair of nice sunglasses, I loved them so much that I was very intentional about not misplacing them. So far, so good! (Tho, I probably just jinxed myself. Ha!) This past Christmas, Pete, the girls & I got sunglasses as our big present. We went to Sunglass Hut and we each picked out a pair. I had a pair of Aviators, so I wanted something a little different. Abbey introduced me to the new Erika’s from RayBan. These glasses are kind of like Raybans traditional Wayfarers, but without stretching out as the Wayfarers tend to do. I have the tortoise. Abbey got the black. They’re my new faves.

6. French Press, Coffee & Cute Cups.

Mimira Mug from Anthropologie

I know not all Moms are coffee people, but for those of us who are, I don’t think there’s a better way to make coffee than with a French Press. I use my EVERY. SINGLE. Saturday & Sunday. And probably have for at least 10 years. Pete teased me and said, “we’ll see how long this lasts.” Welp, unlike a lot of things I do, this one has stuck! I love Starbucks Veranda Blonde Roast (ground specifically for French Press). I store my coffee in a Rubbermaid container in the freezer. It keeps it fresher, longer. I found these cups at Anthropologie a few weeks ago and fell head over heels in love with them! Plus, I love pink!!!

7. Fresh Cut Peonies. They’re in season, and they’re my favorite!! Have them delivered on Friday or Saturday so she can enjoy them ALL weekend! I googled “peonies” so you can see which flowers I’m talking about. I don’t know Georgianna, but these are GORGEOUS!

8. Gift Certificate for a Mani/Pedi. Self-explanatory. You can NOT go wrong here. I promise you!

9. Gift Certificate for a Weekend. Home. Alone! Please don’t take this personally, but we Moms LOVE being in our home, by ourselves, every once in a while. We like to piddle. Read a book. Do our Bible Study. Clean out a closet. Take a nap. Organize a drawer. Of course, we love our families so very much, but having the house to ourselves is a nice treat! Dads, you can use this weekend (NOT Mother’s Day weekend – we want to be with our babies!) but use this weekend to have a Daddy weekend with the kiddos. Take them camping, or to a theme park. Go visit Grandma. Or, shoot – just check into a hotel. Kids love staying at a hotel. Let them play in the pool. It’ll feel like a mini-vacation. And Mom will have a mini-vacation too!

10. Hand-written cards. I saved the best for last! Of all the gifts I’ve ever received for Mother’s Day, a hand written card from Haley & Abbey is hands-down my favorite!! I’ve saved them all. I go back and read them. I love seeing their handwriting. I love reading their words. These are probably my most prized possession. Dads, be intentional about having the kids do this. And for those Dads (I can name a few) who say, “she’s not my mom” … well, that’s just baloney. You have a wonderful opportunity to teach your children how to honor their Mother. You are teaching them to be thoughtful and loving. You are also acknowledging that you love and appreciate your wife for being the Mom to your babies. And kids, if you’re older (and even if Dad doesn’t help) please take time to write Mom a card. You won’t understand this til you have children of your own one day, but the day we gave birth to you was the day that our hearts began living outside of us. We Moms don’t always get it right, and sadly sometimes you get a front row seat to all of our mistakes, but we do love our babies. And yes, you are always babies to us.

I know some of you reading this may not have had or have a great relationship with your Mom. And that relationship may even be the source of your deepest hurt. I am so sorry for that. If this is true for you, maybe this year, you could take the time to write a card for a woman who has been like a Mom to you. I pray that God heals and protects your tender heart.


Me & My Mom


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Great list Carmen! My daughter sent me flowers to my work place on Friday before mother’s day and I was out sick! LOL I went and picked them up on Saturday though. Purses are good to especially one she won’t buy for herself.

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