There are a few questions I get routinely. One of them is about this journal. I’m not exactly sure how I found Val Marie Paper several years ago, but somehow, she popped up in my feed or in my search on Instagram. It was towards the end of the year, and I ordered one of her Prayer Journals for the upcoming year. I’ve ordered one every year since.

It was fun to hear from Val after I’d talked about these journals on the show. She told me how many of you had found her, and ordered.

A few takeaways for me regarding a prayer journal:

1. It’s nice to write out your prayers a few times a week. There’s something about spilling your heart out with pen and paper that makes it feel like you’re writing a letter to the Lord. I have found that these are some of my most precious and intimate moments.

2. There’s nothing more powerful than looking back over past prayer journals, and seeing ANSWERED PRAYERS. I have even taken pictures of where I’ve prayed for specific things, and sent the pic to the person that I was praying for. A few that come to mind are infertility and pregnancies, adoptions, and restored relationships. It brings tears to my eyes just to think about it right this minute!! Of course, there are many unanswered prayers, too, but that’s just a reminder that God is still working in the waiting.

3. If you’re new to prayer journaling, there’s sections for “Prompts” & “Conversation Starters.”

I made a quick video to show y’all the inside of the prayer journal. Take a look!

Here’s the link if you’re interested in a 2020 Prayer Journal for yourself, or for Christmas gifts. I think you’ll love it!


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Carmen, thank you for sharing some of your life with all of us. Gosh, I am, and have been right there with you, but I have boys, and they seem to be more involved with their significant others and their families, so the empty nest has been extremely difficult. I have many regrets, along with nuggets of treasures that are a part of my memories. But God is doing a new work in and through me and I am thankful that He is renewing a right spirit in me. I discovered that anything that we value takes work, determination, and devotion. And a whole lot of prayer! My family is growing and I want to enjoy and “savor” the moments I get with my boys and their families. Again, thank you for sharing. You and your family are truly an inspiration to so many. Keep “savoring” on! Sharing Christ, and loving others. Be blessed today!

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